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How Effective Are Lingual Braces if Missing Brackets Are Not Replaced? (photo)

It has been a little over 1yr now since I've started treatment & I keep having the same few brackets missing or simply 'left off' b/c... READ MORE

Flossing with Lingual Braces?

Flossing aids that the orthodontist has given me has helped me clean my teeth easier, but still doesn't feel like my teeth are clean or have reached... READ MORE

Should I Get Interproximal Reduction to Reduce my 10mm Overjet or Will It Make my Smile Look More Narrow? (photo)

I'm a 25 year old female and I have an overjet of around 10mm. I have had lingual braces for 9 months and my orthodontist told me the only way he... READ MORE

Treatment Did Not Treat My Open Bite, Do I Have To Pay For the Correction?

I had lingual braces and they were taken off in 2008. They were straightened but I still have an open bite which was supposed to be corrected. I paid... READ MORE

My teeth became uglier after 6 months on lingual braces. Is this normal?

My 4 front teeth are now shorter than the rest. It is like an oval hole in between my upper and lower teeth. I look like a dracula now. Is this normal? READ MORE

Is it advisable to go for orthodontic treatment for the second time ?

Am 31 years old and had braces three years back for over bite or protrusion of the front tooth, had two healthy teeth in the front removed to make... READ MORE

Gap appearing 21 months into treatment with Incognito. Is this normal?

I have been wearing Incognito braces for 21 months (as an adult). My teeth are now nice and straight, but the bite is not yet "there" even after use... READ MORE

I Don't Have Molar Bands and Missing Brackets? (photo)

Hi, I had my braces put on last august 1st, and my orthodontist needed to do extraction one for the upper and one for lower. But I didn't get any... READ MORE

Unhappy with incognito lite braces, overbite getting worse. Shall I take it off before it's too late? (Photo)

Hi, I had incognito lite braces fitted on my upper teeth around 3 weeks ago. My teeth were near perfect as I had braces as a teenager but they became... READ MORE

Are braces making my teeth worse?

This is the second month using lingual braces. My teeth were overcrowded and crooked, so i got braces. But my teeth look worse now... Teeth that were... READ MORE

Got Lingual Braces as my lower teeth were pushed forward. My upper right tooth 1 has a crown and the dentist was aware. (Photo)

3rd day bracket behind the crown cameoff.My crown pushed outwards.he told me that this happens as the crown has shiny texture.Told me he had to sand... READ MORE

Lingual braces?

I just had a couple of quesitons regarding my treatment I had with lingual braces. I've had them on for about 2 years however within that two years I... READ MORE

I asked for a lingual attachment and I got it. And I could not eat solid food anymore and had a lot of pain. Is this normal?

After I read some reviews about lingual attachments, I asked my ortho whether I could have a lingual attachment on the central incisor. He said he... READ MORE

Lingual braces. Central right incisor marked with red dot not moving inside arch. How can it be pushed inside? (Photo)

Can the position of bracket on right central incisor (marked with red dot) be changed to allow the teeth to move in. The position of bracket on the... READ MORE

Was the right system recommended? Why arch is narrowed? Could leaving teeth with no braces on affect the treatment?

Lingual braces were used. 1, 5 years. Issues were - crowding on the bottom, gap on top. Problem now- narrowed arch- not enough space for tongue.... READ MORE

Is it normal to bond custom made lingual braces almost 6 months after impressions and after many treatments were done?

I had a device in my mouth that kept in place a pontic with a wire.Ortho took impressions with that pontic on.After,I had emergency extraction,bone... READ MORE

Has my fixed lingual wire bent? (photo)

I feel a lingering pressure on my left side top front teeth after biting down on a particulary hard food. Ive had this wire on for almost two years... READ MORE

Are braces making my teeth worse? (Photo)

Had orthodontics about 10 years ago had severe cooked teeth. This fixed the issues best they could. Teeth began to relapse have had lingual braces on... READ MORE

Is it normal for braces to introduce a new gap in teeth? (Photo)

I got lingual braces three months ago to address over crowding. In that time a huge gap has formed between my top front teeth - about 4mm wide. My... READ MORE

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