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What Can I Expect During Lifestyle Lift Recovery?

I am only having the lifestyle lift. will I be able to go back to work in 4 days? READ MORE

Why Don't I Look Like Myself After Lifestyle Lift?

I had a lifestyle lift 5 days ago. How long does it take for the swelling to go down. I look deformed. I have been appling ice as often as I can. I... READ MORE

How Would You Fix Bumps, Scars from Facelift?

This is my LSL results.. How would you fix this? The bumps are larger than this picture shows & I feel stitches under each bump. I also have... READ MORE

I Had Lifestyle Lift, I HATE It and Am So Unhappy. What Can I Do To Correct This?

One side of my face looks TOTALLY different than the other. One eye brow looks elevated and the other is droopy as well as the eyelid being droopy.... READ MORE

Unhappy with Lifestyle Lift Results

I Was So Mislead by LSL and Spend my Days Crying over How I Look.  I am 47, slight jowls, tear throughs, fat under the chin. I was given an S... READ MORE

Lifestyle Lift Side Effects - Should I Be Worried That my Neck Feels "Too Tight"?

I had the LL done a little over 2 weeks ago. I have felt like I'm being strangled ever since. My neck in front is so tight that if my chin is tucked... READ MORE

Continuous Itching and Numbness After Lifestyle Lift

15 months ago, I had a Lifestyle Lift, thinking it was a "breakthrough procedure" and not a face lift. How shocked was I? So here it is, 15... READ MORE

Does This Pain After Lifestyle Lift Suggest Nerve Damage?

I had Lifestyle Lift done 9 months ago, and now I'm feeling severe pain in the ear and around the ear area. Is this nerve damage? What can be done... READ MORE

Facelift 7 Weeks Ago and Have So Many Problems Still?

I had face lift done in lifestyle lift 7 weeks sternocleido muscle is swollen and under my chin i have loose and more saggin skin that before... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have a "Jowly Look" After my Lifestyle Lift?

Why Do I Still Have a "Jowly Look" After my Lifestyle Lift? READ MORE

Can Old Lifestyle Lift Scars Still Be Repaired?

I have horrible scarring (looks jagged and webbed) around my ears from the Lifestyle Lift I had last year. I have used every scar therapy on the... READ MORE

I Had my Life Style Lift on October 5th and my Cheeks Are Still Swollen and my Mouth Droops

I had my proceedure ,Life Style lift and lazer treatment done on October 5th 2011 and my cheeks are still swollen and my mouth droops. CanI expect... READ MORE

Is the Pain from Lifestyle Lift Permanent?

I had the LSL (Lifestyle Lift) at the end of December last year. The area behind my ears and under my chin still really hurts! Will this feeling be... READ MORE

I Am Unhappy With A LSL Lifestyle Lift Procedure I Had. Is There Any Way to Receive Compensation or a Refund?

I had a LSL done in the Independence, Ohio location in Sept. 2011. I went to the LSL location for loose and sagging skin in the neck area. Seven... READ MORE

Recourse for Lifestyle Lift Complications?

Is there honestly any hope that the discomfort, lumps,and ridges that I still have almost 4 months after a Lifestyle Lift will resolve? If not, what... READ MORE

Tongue Interfering with Lifestyle Lift Results?

I was told by the surgeon who did my Lifestyle Lift that he was doing a platysmaplasty. When I asked if he did, he said no. When I asked in... READ MORE

Puffy Marionette Lines After Lifestyle Lift

Hi, I had a LSL (Lifestyle Lift) about 3 weeks ago. The pain was minimal (it took 3 hrs.) and my neck is nice & smooth. Some numbness on the... READ MORE

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