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Is It Ok to Use Retinoids and LED Light Therapy Together?

I am wondering if it's safe to use a triretinoin product (.05%) with an LED device (BabyQuasar)? I understand that retinol products cause... READ MORE

Could LED Skin Treatment Damage my Eyes?

I have had two LED skin treatments.  Damp cotton pads and goggles are placed over my eyes during the LED treatment, but the strobe lights are so... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of LED Treatments?

What are the benefits and risks of LED treatments? READ MORE

LED Red Light at Home Device, How Can I Protect My Eyes While Using This?

There are several at home LED devices that offer "Red" light (as opposed to blue) or a combo of both blue and red light to enhance skin. My... READ MORE

Concerns about vision with Red Light Therapy .

I am doing Red Light Therapy for aging. I wear the goggles but still see the color and brightness and am worried about my eyes, as my mother had age... READ MORE

What Should Be the Interval Between LED Sessions (With a Handheld Device)?

What should be the interval between LED sessions (with a handheld device like Tanda or Baby Quasar, especially blue, red and infrared lights)? Is... READ MORE

LED Therapy Vs IPL for Acne Treatment on Dark Skin

Hi. I've been looking into treatments for acne and came across light therapies through a clinic but want to get expert opinion first. The clinic... READ MORE

Is LED Hair Treatment Safe During Pregnancy?

My hair stylist used a machine that emits 635nm red LED and 990nm LED light for my hair loss treatment for 10mins just once as I was 5 weeks pregnant... READ MORE

Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy is it beneficial?

At the gym near me they have the stand up Beauty Angel Red Light booths that claim skin tightening, collagen increase, healing aches etc... but I'm... READ MORE

Omnilux and blu-u generating free radicals?

Does those LED devices using blue light which is uv free, and without ALA. They create free radicals to kill p.acnes. why wouldn't that age the skin?... READ MORE

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