At-home + LED Skin Treatment

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LED Red Light at Home Device, How Can I Protect My Eyes While Using This?

There are several at home LED devices that offer "Red" light (as opposed to blue) or a combo of both blue and red light to enhance skin. My... READ MORE

What is the difference between LED light therapy devices and how I can choose a good one?

I had a few LED light therapy at a skin doctor's office and I loved the result. I am thinking of getting the device so I can treat myself anytime at... READ MORE

Do at home Light (Led) beauty tools work to promote collagen building & reduction of fine lines and wrinkles? work? (photo)

I recently got 500 units of botox, 2 syriges of Voluma and 4 syriges of Juvederm fill volume loss, wrinkles, ect. I am 51 and VERY pleased... READ MORE

Do At-Home LED Light Therapy Treatments Like Quasar or Tanda Cause Freckles or Tanning?

How is LED light therapy different than sunlight? Over time does it have the same negative effect such as formation of freckles or skin cancer, etc. READ MORE

Tanda and At-Home LED Light Machines - Do They Work on Collagen and Elastin?

Does the Tanda Skincare Machine, or Similar Led Red Lights Really Improve Collagen and Elastin? I am interested in buying an at home Tanda skincare... READ MORE

Best Light Therapy Product for Home Use?

I have heard that light therapy is good to use on your face to reduce wrinkles. Which of these home use light therapy products on the market is best?... READ MORE

Opinions On At-Home LED Therapy? Looking For Moderate Result With Baby Quasar.

Wanted to know if dermatologists could give opinion on the home Red light LED therapies. Are they safe to use during the summer if skin is slightly... READ MORE

Are there any side effects to using the baby quasar laser?

Are there site effects from using the baby quasar lite unit at home. I have been using it for 5 day, 3minutes in each quadrant of my face, and do not... READ MORE

Is There Any Real Difference Between a $300.00 Led Red Light Device and a Store-bought Red Lamp?

I have seen articles where folks make their own red light therapy devices with infrared bulbs, wiring and scrap wood bought at your local hardware... READ MORE

I Have a Led Facial Light That Blinks, I Know the Blinking Action is Stronger, how Often Do I Use It?

Im using red light for fine lines an dark spots , is it ok to use the red light everyday an use it on the blinking setting once a week? READ MORE

Any suggestions for at home laser/light device safety?

Do I need ware eye protections for the Tria or Illuminage laser treatment at home ? Particularlly the laser to treat eyes? Do I need ware eye... READ MORE

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