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What Are Potential Latisse Side Effects?

Can Latisse cause any side effects I should be aware of?  If so, what are they and how long do Latisse side effects last? READ MORE

Latisse Causing Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

I've been using Latisse for 4 weeks now and I am starting to see my little tiny lashes start to grow but I am also getting dark circles under my eyes... READ MORE

Revitalash Disclosure of Adverse Side Effects?

I wonder if Revitalash, being a cosmetic product, is subject to the same amount of disclosure of adverse reactions as Latisse? Since they are... READ MORE

Better to Use Revitalash Than Latisse to Avoid Side Effects?

I hear Latisse may darken the eyelid or worse change the color of your eyes. Not wanting to change my blue eyes, would it be better to use Revitalash? READ MORE

Should Latisse Cause Bloodshot Eyes and Irritation?

I am using latisse, I've used it twice, it seems that I have slightly bloodshot eyes and a bit of irritation. Would this be possible? I am going to... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Latisse Causing Eye Irritation?

Latisse gives me redness and itching on the eyes.  To limit irritation, can I put it on for a limited amount of time (for example 20 minutes)... READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Latisse on Eyebrows?

My eyebrows got very thin after my pregancies and I'd like to try Latisse to bring back their fullness. Can this work? What are the side effects?  READ MORE

Will Using Latisse Cause my Entire Eyelid to Darken?

Would Latisse cause darkening of the entire eyelid or just the line where drops are applied? READ MORE

Brown Eyes Turning Hazel Due to Latisse?

The outer circle of my brown eyes look like it is turning hazel after 8 mo of latisse. Have you heard of that? READ MORE

Can Latisse Change my Light/dark Blue Eyes Brown? (photo)

I have read the same answers over and over again.' There's not seen anyone yet with this experience because it isnt put into your eye but on the... READ MORE

Latisse is Causing Red Eyes - is It OK to Continue Using It?

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now, it made my eyes kind of itchy, and I accidently rubbed it when I woke up a week ago, my eye has been red... READ MORE

Does LiLash Have Side Effects?

Can LiLash cause any side effects? Do they go away if I stop using it? READ MORE

Does Latisse Affect the Eye Pressure in Glaucoma?

My pressure in my eye is alittle high,not to the the point of Glaucoma. Does latisse affect it?Thanks,Cindy Barnum READ MORE

Side Effects - Lashovee vs. Latisse

Side effects lashovee lash compared to latisse side effects READ MORE

Will Latisse Darken my Already Brown Eyes?

My eyes are already brown, and I was wondering if Latisse will darken brown eyes??? READ MORE

Could Latisse Cause Lashes to Fall off when Curling?

I have met two women this past month that have concerns about using Latisse and the side effects. Could this cause the lashes to become fragile and... READ MORE

I Have Expericened Deepening of the Upper Sulcus While Using Latisse, Will This Reverse?

I have experiecned a significant deeping of the upper sulcus after using latisse for 25 months every night, will this effect reverse from... READ MORE

I've Been Using Latisse for 2 Months, is It Okay That I Switch to IDOL LASH?

I've been using Latisse for about 2 months now, and I read some reviews that after 6-7 months your eyelashes will either look horrible, or they... READ MORE

Are Burning Red Eyes a Side Effect of Latisse?

When I use Latisse, my eyes are red and burn so bad I can't open them. No eye drops help. The burning and redness is unbearable. Is this a common side... READ MORE

Can Latisse Cause Droopy Eyelids?

Since I started using Latisse, my lower eyelids are droopy. Is this possibly a side effect of Latisse and would it go away if I stopped using it? READ MORE

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