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Will Latisse Change Eye Color?

If I have light blue eyes, will Latisse turn my irises brown? READ MORE

If Latisse Gets in Your Eyes Can It Cause Damage?

If you are wearing Latisse on your eyelashes and it gets in your eyes, like by rubbing your eyes or something, would it do any harm to your eyes or... READ MORE

How much does it cost to surgically change your eye color?

Hi, i am interested in changing my eyecolor and would like some information on it. how much does it cost? is it dangerous? any information would be... READ MORE

Safe to Wear Latisse During the Daytime?

Is it safe for me to wear Latisse during the day?  What is the reason they say you should only apply Latisse at night? READ MORE

Risks of Using Lumigan Instead of Latisse?

Is Lumigan and Latisse the exact same thing or is one stronger than the other. My doc prescribed Latisse but told me that if I use Lumigan that I... READ MORE

Can Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum Change Your Eye Color?

Tonight was my first night using the rimmel last accelerator serum and i have been researching online about the product. I have blue eyes and im... READ MORE

Permanent Eye Color Change After Latisse?

Can Latisse permanently turn my blue eyes brown? READ MORE

OK to Use Latisse if Planning to Get Pregnant?

I plan on getting pregnant is it ok to use latisse? READ MORE

Is my baby safe if I've used Latisse for the first 12 weeks?

I just found out I am twelve weeks pregnant exactly and I have been using Latisse. I've read it is a class c drug and probably shouldn't be used... READ MORE

Lumigan and Side Effects - Why?

From what I understand, Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin similar to those that are in our bodies anyways. So why does the medication cause side effects... READ MORE

Any Long Term Problems with Latisse? Any Patients with Problems Using One Year or Longer?

Any Long Term Problems with Latisse?  Any Patients with Problems Using One Year or Longer? READ MORE

Latisse Side Effects on Diabetics?

Are there any side effects for diabetics, or is it advised for diabetics not to use Latisse? I have done no treatment scheduled but being diabetic, I... READ MORE

What is the Risk of Re-using the Latisse Applicator?

The Latisse instructions recommend that you do not re-use the applicator on both eyes due to the risk of "contamination." How does this risk... READ MORE

Accutane & Latisse

I am starting Accutane treatment this month. Is is safe to use Latisse while on Accutane? READ MORE

Lumigan (Latisse Substitute) in UK; Are There Any Risks?

In the u.k lumigan is now available for cosmetic use, is it tiotally safe given that it should cahnge the pressure in the eyes and what happens to... READ MORE

Is It Riskier for Bell's Palsy Patient to Use Latisse?

I have Bell's Palsy. My left eye won't close all the way and doesn't blink. My lower lid also droops slightly and my eyelashes now point downward... READ MORE

Risk of Latisse causing older-looking eyes?

I'm am considering trying Bimatoprost (Latisse/Careprost), but I'm concerned about the risk of periorbital fat loss around the eyes which is... READ MORE

Can applying latisse to eyebrows cause fat loss?

Hello, I've read some reviews on this site which suggest that a possible (hopefully rare!) side effect of latisse is fat atrophy in the eye socket... READ MORE

How Much of a Risk is Latisse to my Vision?

I've read that Latisse users are at risk of developing keratitis, which can ultimately lead to blindness. I'm a contact wearer (and a not so sanitary... READ MORE

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