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Does Latisse Work Better Than Revitalash?

Does Latisse work better than Revitalash?  I still have a lot of Revitalash left, and I'm not sure if it's worth if for me to switch to Latisse... READ MORE

How Long Does Latisse Last? Are Results Permanent?

If not, how long does the latisse results last? READ MORE

Will I See Faster Results if I Apply Latisse Twice a Day?

I just started using Latisse today and although the directions say to apply it once a day at night I was wondering if I were to apply it twice a day... READ MORE

Is Latisse and Careprost the Same and Do They Give the Same Results

Is Latisse and Careprost the Same and Do They Give the Same Results READ MORE

Maximum Length / Limit with Latisse?

I about to reach the 16 weeks mark with Latisse. Even though my lashes are longer than before, I am still not satisfy with the length. If I continue... READ MORE

What if Latisse Won't Work?

I used latisse and did not get the results of long full eyelashes,does it work for some people and not others?and why READ MORE

No Results After 16 Weeks of Using Latisse?

I have used latisse for exactly 16 weeks but there are barely any results, i see no difference to my thin short eyelashes. My mother-in-law and i... READ MORE

Use Latisse As an Eye Drop?

I started using Latisse a week ago and have developed a stye on my right eye. This is probably due to the fact that I have been applying the solution... READ MORE

Does Latisse Cause Eye Allergies?

I've been using latisse for the full 16 weeks i love the results and want to keep using it but I'm having a lot of eye problems that i... READ MORE

Will Latisse and Elastilash Used Together Give More Results?

I have been using Latisse for 11 weeks now on my upper lashes at night. I am thinking of using ElastiLASH during the morning as I heard good reviews... READ MORE

First Kit of Latisse 3 Days Past Expiration - Does It Really Matter?

Do the active/inactive ingredients have at least a 2 month post-expire date shelf life? I know our DR office uses samples all the time that have... READ MORE

Will Latisse Work if I Have Permanent Eyeliner?

I've been using Latisse for several weeks now and it doesn't seem to be doing all that much. Could it be that my permanent eyeliner is reducing... READ MORE

Do LiLash Results Last After You Stop the Treatment?

How long do LiLash results last? Are the results permanent? READ MORE

Lumigan with No Improvement After 8 Weeks of Use

Hello, I thought improvements would come gradually - but perhaps it just happen all of a sudden!? I have been using Lumigan every night for 7 weeks... READ MORE

What is your opinion about the results from Latissee vs Rapid Lash?

I would like to know if Rapid Lash would work as well as Latissee/ READ MORE

I've been using lumigan for 5 weeks. How much growth should I expect at this point?

Ive been using lumigan for 5 weeks now,skipping 3 consecutive days once..All im seeing is 2 or 3 longer lashes in both eyes...Should i be expecting... READ MORE

Does wearing contacts while using Latisse affect the results?

I have been using Latisse for about four weeks and just recently discovered that I was not supposed to have contacts in (my doctor never told me to... READ MORE

Is it safe to use Latisse long term?

I just started Latisse 4 days ago. If my results are good, I would like to continue using it indefinitely. READ MORE

Does being on Spironolactone affect Latisse results?

I've gone through several bottles of Latisse and it has worked well for me every time. I used it on and off but have always gotten results in as early... READ MORE

How long does it take to see results?

I've been using Lattise for one month now and I was wondering how long it takes to see the full results? READ MORE

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