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How Long Does Latisse Last? Are Results Permanent?

If not, how long does the latisse results last? READ MORE

Since Using Eyelash Extensions and Growth Serums, my Eyelashes Have Become Sparse and Short. How Can I Get Them to Grow Back?

A couple years ago, wanting to go mascara-free, I tried lash extensions for the first time. When I had them removed two months later, my once thick,... READ MORE

Latisse Causing Redness Around Skin on Eye Rims and Lids- Stopped Use, But Is It Permanent?

Hi there I've stopped using Latisse after 1 yr due to redness around the skin area of eye rims and lids. I discontinued using the product 4 wks... READ MORE

How Does Latisse Change the Eye Color?

One of the side effects of Latisse is increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye which is likely to be permanent. Is that because... READ MORE

Does Latisse Cause Eye Allergies?

I've been using latisse for the full 16 weeks i love the results and want to keep using it but I'm having a lot of eye problems that i... READ MORE

My iris color changed?

I have been using rapidlash for a few years. Rapidlash is like the "over the counter" version of Latisse. I noticed my bright blue-green eyes have... READ MORE

Will Latisse Work if I Have Permanent Eyeliner?

I've been using Latisse for several weeks now and it doesn't seem to be doing all that much. Could it be that my permanent eyeliner is reducing... READ MORE

Are Results Permanent After Discontinuing Use of Latisse?

Seems to me a lifetime of putting this stuff on is not worth having long lashes. When one stops using it, does lash growth go back to the way it was... READ MORE

Can latisse (bimatoprost) restore pigment to a hypopigmented scar permanently?

So there is a lot of proven information on the web about how latisse has a side effect that can bring pigment back to hypopigmentation. Some doctors... READ MORE

Can Latisse Damage Lash Follicles?

Hi! I have used Latisse for about 4-5 months and was really impressed with the results. But this week a lot of my lashes are falling out. On one eye I... READ MORE

How does Latisse work and why is it only temporary?

I've been reading up on Latisse and apparently it only works as long as you are using it - meaning your lashes will return to their previous state... READ MORE

What % of patients lose fat around the eyes after using Latisse?

Fat loss seems to be a big concern, so what percent of patients does this affect? Is it more common in older patients? Is it permanent? READ MORE

Is Bimatoprost or Latisse used specifically to darken eye color?

While it isn't a norm, there are people out there who want to darken their eye colour permanently without the use of contacts. Would a doctor/plastic... READ MORE

If I have used Latisse for a week can I get permanent eyeliner done if I stop the Latisse the day before?

If I have used Latisse for a week can I get permanent eyeliner done if I stop the Latisse the day before? READ MORE

Can Latisse change my eyes by causing permanent fat loss?

A few women are claiming they have lost fat under the eye after using Latisse. There are pics posted too. Is this possible? READ MORE

Is the treatment permanent or must it be used daily?

Is this like hair treatment where it must be used daily or else the hair soon falls out again mki READ MORE

Will the use of Latisse make my permanent eyeliner fade a lot faster?

My micro pigmentation Specialist told me that with the use of Latisse or 'Rapid Lash' my 'permanent' eyeliner will disappear a lot faster. Is this... READ MORE

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