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Lumigan and Side Effects - Why?

From what I understand, Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin similar to those that are in our bodies anyways. So why does the medication cause side effects... READ MORE

i got lumigan with 0.1 ml. Does that mean it's less in drops or less bematoprost? (Photo)

If the bimatobrost in 0.1 ml is less than 0.3 well I have the same results? On my lashes? READ MORE

Lumigan (Latisse Substitute) in UK; Are There Any Risks?

In the u.k lumigan is now available for cosmetic use, is it tiotally safe given that it should cahnge the pressure in the eyes and what happens to... READ MORE

I've been using lumigan for 5 weeks. How much growth should I expect at this point?

Ive been using lumigan for 5 weeks now,skipping 3 consecutive days once..All im seeing is 2 or 3 longer lashes in both eyes...Should i be expecting... READ MORE

Does Lumigan 0.01% act similarly to Latisse 0.03%?

I have high interlocutor pressure in my right eye due to trauma. I've been using Lumigan 0.01% in my right eye only. My lashes are long and dark . I... READ MORE

Where can I purchase Lumigan 0.3 in England cheaply as it all seems overpriced?

I have been using Lumigan on my eyelashes for nearly two years now and have found it greatly helps my eyelashes grow thicker, longer and darker. Is... READ MORE

Do Lumigan and Latisse use the exact same ingredients at the exact same strength?

Ok, after A LONG research it turns out that latisse has not gotten approval by the equiveland FDA in my country.(very long bureaucracy here) but the... READ MORE

I have used lumigan for many years. Suddenly had a reaction under my eyelids where they're purple & tight wrinkled skin! (photo)

I used lumigan successfully for years without problems but only to top lash line? I only used it once on the lower lashes this time as an experiment... READ MORE

I bought Lumigan eyedrops that my dermatologist prescribed for eyelash growth...

Will i still see eyelash growth if I apply the eyedrops onto my eyelashes instead of into my eye? And will it prevent discoloration? READ MORE

The only difference between LATISSE and LUMIGAN Is the price. RIGHT?

Unethical that Allergan us making more than four times the money on each bottle sold as Latisse. Latisse is $130.00. LUMIGAN is $30.00. READ MORE

Lumigan or Latisse - does one work better than the other or harmful?

Aside from price and insurance fraud and IF a doctor will prescribe it, which works better for lashes Lumigan or Latisse? Is Lumigan harmful if you do... READ MORE

Are latisse and lumigan the exact same drug?

I just can't find latisse anywhere near me where i live. but i found many pharmacies selling lumigan(no prescription needed) so if i also buy a brush... READ MORE

Can I use Lumigen or Latisse as eye drops to change the colour of my blue eyes? (Photo)

I have blue-grey eyes, and I've always wanted heterochromia. Can I use Latisse or Lumigen as eye drops in one eye to change it's colour? Wjat colour... READ MORE

Lumigan or Lattise for eye color change ??

Should i apply lumigan in my eyes as a drop just for eyes colour change to brown from hazel ?? I am not effected by any diseas glucoma or any other...... READ MORE

May I use Lumigan same as lattise medication?

Is it safe I use Latisse brush and rob Lumigan into my lashes instead of drop it into my eyes? Second , this way will help to thicking and growth my... READ MORE

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