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I Have Uneven Growth with Latisse After 8 Weeks Right Eyelashes Longer Than Left

I can see that Latisse is working after eight weeks, however, my right eyelashes look even and much longer, but my left do not seem as long and they... READ MORE

Latisse for Thinning Scalp Hair?

I wanted to know, are there any tests that have been done to determine if Latisse can help with thinning scalp hair? If not, could the ingredients... READ MORE

Can I Get Eyelash Growth with Latisse? All Mine Have Been Pulled Out From Fake Lashes.

I recently lost most of my eyelashes due to putting on semi permanent lashes at the salon! I'm now having to use over the counter lashes when I go... READ MORE

Cheek Hair Side Effect from Latisse, Will This Growth Ever Reverse?

I've been using Latisse for 2 months, I only just started to notice my longer, darker eyelashes recently and was excited. But along with that I also... READ MORE

Continued Latisse Use Everyday After Full Results?

Is it true that you have to continue using Latisse everyday once maximum eyelash growth is achieved or your lashes will return to their previous state? READ MORE

How Can I Get to my Normal Hair Growth?

I used latisse as directed for a month or plus, and I noticed the significant growth of my eyelashes. On the other hand, I discovered that hair has... READ MORE

Why aren't drops working this time around? I have been using them over a year but see no growth. Is this typical?

Quit using the drops for two years and after resuming Lattisse, I can not see any results like I did the first time. I have been using them over a... READ MORE

I bought Lumigan eyedrops that my dermatologist prescribed for eyelash growth...

Will i still see eyelash growth if I apply the eyedrops onto my eyelashes instead of into my eye? And will it prevent discoloration? READ MORE

Will eyelashes grow longer after we cut them?

I heard that eyelashes grows longer after cutting it but after looking it up i saw comment that said it doesn't so i don't know what to believe it. I... READ MORE

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