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If Latisse Gets in Your Eyes Can It Cause Damage?

If you are wearing Latisse on your eyelashes and it gets in your eyes, like by rubbing your eyes or something, would it do any harm to your eyes or... READ MORE

Thoughts About Fat Loss with Latisse Use?

Physicians, what are your thoughts on eye area fat loss with Latisse use? I've read a recent study on PubMed that concludes that bimatoprost can cause... READ MORE

Latisse is Causing Red Eyes - is It OK to Continue Using It?

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now, it made my eyes kind of itchy, and I accidently rubbed it when I woke up a week ago, my eye has been red... READ MORE

Will Latisse Darken my Already Brown Eyes?

My eyes are already brown, and I was wondering if Latisse will darken brown eyes??? READ MORE

How Does Latisse Affect Eye Color?

Clarify the browning of the iris issue please. This could happen to people. In what way does Latisse affect the iris color? Does this affect blue eyes? READ MORE

Using Latisse As an Eye Drop to Darken Eye Color?

I have light brown eyes, and I've always wanted them a little darker. Can I darken my eye color by using Latisse as an eye drop? READ MORE

Orbital Fat Loss Caused by Bimatoprost Use? (photos)

I have been using a eye lash volumizer with Bimatoprost for the last 4 years. Over the past 2 years, I have been noticing that in pictures my eyes... READ MORE

How Long Does Latisse Need to Stay on Your Eyelids Before You Can Wash It Off?

I have contact dermatitis and am allergic to Balsam of Peru and cocamidemea. Neither allergen is in Latisse, but the less time I keep it on my lids... READ MORE

Does Latisse Cause Eye Allergies?

I've been using latisse for the full 16 weeks i love the results and want to keep using it but I'm having a lot of eye problems that i... READ MORE

Latisse Application with Contact Lenses on

What exactly happens if Latisse is used without taking out the contact lenses? I know contact lenses must be removed prior to the daily use of Latisse... READ MORE

Does Using Latisse Make Your Eyes More Susceptible to Glaucoma?

Since the active ingredient in Latisse or Lumigan is for glaucoma treatment, does using either of these products make it more likely you will get... READ MORE

Latisse Safe on Someone with Cataract?

I want to use Latisse, but a year ago, my doctor said I'm having a cataract building up, but still a long way before I could have surgery. I'm... READ MORE

Hollow Eyes, Wrinkles Around Eyes and Dark Circles After Using Latisse

I tried fillers and sculptra in the past;i liked the fillers a bit but i had a very bad allergy reaction with sculptra ; i was thinking to have a... READ MORE

Will Latisse Cause Hair Growth if It Gets in the Eyes?

I heard a story that if you got Latisse in your eye or underneath your eyelid, hair would grow on your eye, or under your eyelid. Apparently, it... READ MORE

Can Lattisse Cause Discolor of the White in Eyes?

Can Lattisse Cause Discolor of the White in Eyes? READ MORE

Latisse Safety and Pressure in the Eyes?

I have been losing my eyebrows and lashes slowly for years. I would love to use the product, Latisse but I am concerned about the safety of pressure... READ MORE

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