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Latisse Causing Redness Around Skin on Eye Rims and Lids- Stopped Use, But Is It Permanent?

Hi there I've stopped using Latisse after 1 yr due to redness around the skin area of eye rims and lids. I discontinued using the product 4 wks... READ MORE

Thoughts About Fat Loss with Latisse Use?

Physicians, what are your thoughts on eye area fat loss with Latisse use? I've read a recent study on PubMed that concludes that bimatoprost can cause... READ MORE

Eyelid Discoloration?

Myself and others have noticed my eyelids have colored they have turned a pinkish /tan color. I have been using latisse since March. But only once or... READ MORE

If Latisse Can Cause Fat Loss Aound the Eye, Which I Like, Can It Lead to Redness of the Eyes Just by Putting It on Lid?

I have been using Latisse on my eye lids because I noticed my lids were nice and tight when I used to use it for my eyelashes, but I had to stop using... READ MORE

Can Latisse Permanently Darken the Skin of my Eyelids?

Three months ago i read about the efectiveness of latisse, though mentioning it could darken eyelids irreversibly. is it true? READ MORE

Will Latisse Cause Hair Growth if It Gets in the Eyes?

I heard a story that if you got Latisse in your eye or underneath your eyelid, hair would grow on your eye, or under your eyelid. Apparently, it... READ MORE

Is There Tax on Latisse?

The nurse I saw taxed me $22 for 2 boxes. I didn't think there was tax on prescription products including Latisse. The medical day spa nurse I saw... READ MORE

Eyelids Red, Eyes Sunken After Latisse

I have been taking Latisse for about a week, and the last couple of days my eyelids are really red and my eyes are sunken in. I am really nervous!... READ MORE

Why is Latisse Causing my Eyelids to Burn?

I wear false eyelashes daily but remove all my makeup and wash my face at night and apply latisse before going to bed. I am starting to notice that my... READ MORE

Can Use of Latisse Affect Upper Eyelid Surgery Results

I had upper eyelid surgery a year ago. I have been using Latisse for four months and have gotten great results. My only concern is can the use of... READ MORE

Developed Epicanthal Fold After Using Generic Latisse

After using a generic form of Latisse called Careprost I developed a slight epicanthal fold on one of my eyes and a slight one on the other. I am of... READ MORE

Permanently red lids from Latisse? You're kidding, right?

I liked the result I got from Latisse. However, it also caused the lower half of my upper lids to be a most unbecoming brownish red. No other side... READ MORE

Can wearing false lashes everyday cause your eyelids to become weak and sag?

From the glue pulling on the skin. I have almost no lashes and that's why I feel the need to wear them everyday. Also How can I grow my lashes longer? READ MORE

Latisse and Brownish/pinkish Eye Lids?

I know this has been noted as a side effect, but are there any tips to prevent it? It's my entire eyelid not just the lash line. The brushes they... READ MORE

Nevi removal on eyelid - will eyelashes grow back?

On August 12 I had a nevi removed on my eyelid. The doctor cauterized the area after he snipped off the nevi. Now it's been six weeks and no sign of... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to reduce the redness of the eyelids caused by prolonged use of Latisse?

I was on Latisse for about 1 year and 4 months and experienced the side effect of eyelid discolouration, I continued use because I felt as though... READ MORE

I Am Now Using Latisse. I Am Scheduled for an Upper Eye Lift. Is This Okay?

How many days prior to upper eye lift surgery should I stop using Latisse and when can I start using it again after my upper eye lift surgery. thank... READ MORE

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