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How Much Does Latisse Cost?

Can a medical expert share more on the price of  Latisse? What's the average cost? Editor Note: See prices of Latisse near you READ MORE

Does Latisse Work Better Than Revitalash?

Does Latisse work better than Revitalash?  I still have a lot of Revitalash left, and I'm not sure if it's worth if for me to switch to Latisse... READ MORE

Lost All Eyelashes Due to Extensions. Should I Use Latisse?

A few weeks ago, I decided to try eyelash extensions. Looking back completely regret the decision, I have always had long eyelashes. Last week, when I... READ MORE

Can Any Type of Doctor Prescribe Latisse?

Can I get Latisse from my family doctor, or do I have to go to a doctor with a certain specialty? READ MORE

Is Lumigan Drops the Same As Latisse?

Does Lumigan Drops have the same effects as Latisse for the eyelashes? READ MORE

Latisse Vs LiLash?

What are the differences between Latisse and LiLash? Which is better? READ MORE

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

I am 44 years old, with short eyelashes. I would love to have lash extentions done, but am concerned that the fumes from the glue used would cause... READ MORE

4 months post op, What Happens when You Stop Using Latisse?

What happens if you stop using Latisse after 4 months? Do you loose your eyelashes and have to wait for them to grow again? Do your eyelashes go to... READ MORE

Can Latisse Be Used by Contact Lens Wearers?

Will I be able to use the new Latisse eyelash extension mascara if I wear contacts? READ MORE

Safe to Wear Latisse During the Daytime?

Is it safe for me to wear Latisse during the day?  What is the reason they say you should only apply Latisse at night? READ MORE

Hot to Get Latisse Prescription in Australia?

I am just wondering how to get Latisse prescription in Brisbane, Australia? Can anyone tell me? READ MORE

Does RapidLash Work As Well As Latisse?

Many comparisons are on this site for Revitalash and Latisse. But what about RapidLash and Latisse? RapidLash worked wonderfully for me when I first... READ MORE

Latisse While Breastfeeding?

I am a mother of a 4 month old infant, and am breastfeeding. I purchased Latisse to enhance my eyelashes, but would like to know if it is safe to use... READ MORE

Glaucoma Eyedrops for Eyelash Growth?

I read on some web sites that they use the glaucoma medication as an eye drop for lash growth instead of brushing it on lids (like Latisse). They said... READ MORE

Is Latisse Available in Doctors' Offices?

Can I get Latisse at my doctor's office or would I have to pick it up in a pharmacy? READ MORE

Is Latisse Available at the Local Pharmacy?

I live in Alexandria, VA and I'm wondering if i can purchase Latisse at CVS? READ MORE

Latisse with Micro Pigmentation or Permanent Eyeliner?

Will it change the color of the permanent make up? READ MORE

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