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Latisse, Rogaine or Librow for Eyebrows?

I am interested in knowing which of these three products would work best for eyebrows. I know Librow isn't FDA approved and that latisse and... READ MORE

Curious About Using Latisse on my Eyebrows. Is It Ok?

My eyebrows are as sparse and light as my eyelashes. I cannot express how much I hate having to practically draw them in daily. Is Latisse an option... READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Latisse on Eyebrows?

My eyebrows got very thin after my pregancies and I'd like to try Latisse to bring back their fullness. Can this work? What are the side effects?  READ MORE

How Should I Put Latisse on my Eyebrows?

The latisse I'm buying comes with 60 applicators. I am only going to use it on my should I put it on my eyebrows? Should I use the... READ MORE

Which Prostaglandin Works Best for Eyebrow Growth: Bimatoprost or Latanoprost?

Bimatoprost might give best results for the eyelashes, but what about the eyebrows? READ MORE

Latisse for White Eyebrows and Eyelashes?

What makes your eyelashes grow white? Is that natural for a 49 yr old?Can Latisse/Lumigan/Bimatoprost/Travaprost do anything for white lashes and... READ MORE

Latisse or Rogaine?

I am born with sparse eyebrows all my life because of genetics. I think I would look way better if I had thicker, darker, and fuller eyebrow hairs. I... READ MORE

Do I Apply Latisse to Eyebrows Before or After Applying Moisturizer?

Although not FDA approved, I have recently started to apply Latisse to my over-plucked eyebrows (one drop on each brow). I would like to know if I... READ MORE

How Long for Improvement to Show on Eyebrows Using Latisse?

I have been using Latisse for 3 months now on my eyebrows. I have been losing alot of my right eyebrow for a few years now and so my ophthamologist... READ MORE

Will Latisse Darken Eyebrows?

I just ordered Latisse to use on my eyebrows. I am aware that Latisse makes eyelashes darker, will it do that to my eyebrows? That's not something... READ MORE

How to Darken Eyebrows or Eyelashes?

I have very light hair and want to darken it, in the past I used Remox Foam and Spectral DNC-L but they didn't do anything for my lashes or eyebrows.... READ MORE

Do Eyebrows Contain Extra Dormant Follicles That Can Be Stimulated to Produce Hair?

An electrologist removed a large amount of my brows without my permission. Internet electrologists say that areas such as the face contain a lot of... READ MORE

Can You Apply Both Latisse and Retin-A to Eyebrows to Regrow Hair?

An electrologist removed a lot of my brows without my permission. I've been applying Retin-A to the area nightly for the past 10 months, but I... READ MORE

Latisse Alternatives for the Eyebrows?

Can Latisse be used on brows with same results? Are there similar products on the market doing same thing w/o prescription? READ MORE

Latisse Safety and Pressure in the Eyes?

I have been losing my eyebrows and lashes slowly for years. I would love to use the product, Latisse but I am concerned about the safety of pressure... READ MORE

Will Latisse Work on Tattooed Eyebrows?

Can Latisse/Bimatoprost/Travaprost work on sparse eyebrows from over-plucking? Will it work if you have eyebrow tattooed on? Mine are a light brown... READ MORE

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