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Will Latisse Change Eye Color?

If I have light blue eyes, will Latisse turn my irises brown? READ MORE

How Long Before Eye Color Change from Latisse Occurs?

I have really blue eyes, and have used Latisse about 3 days. I get a lot of comments on my eye color and I was wondering, if they do change color, how... READ MORE

How much does it cost to surgically change your eye color?

Hi, i am interested in changing my eyecolor and would like some information on it. how much does it cost? is it dangerous? any information would be... READ MORE

Will Green Irises Change After Using Latisse?

I've been using Latisse for 9 weeks and I'm seeing wonderful results with it. However, I'm very concerned about iris color change. My iris color is a... READ MORE

Brown Eyes Turning Hazel Due to Latisse?

The outer circle of my brown eyes look like it is turning hazel after 8 mo of latisse. Have you heard of that? READ MORE

Can Latisse Change my Light/dark Blue Eyes Brown? (photo)

I have read the same answers over and over again.' There's not seen anyone yet with this experience because it isnt put into your eye but on the... READ MORE

Does Revitalash Change Iris Color Like Latisse?

Some say it works almost as well as Latisse. Will Revitalash affect eye color as Latisse does? READ MORE

Can over the Counter Lash-growth Serums Also Cause Changes in Eye Color Like Latisse?

Can the over the counter growth lash serums cause change in eye color also like latisse? I would like to know if the over the counter lash boost... READ MORE

Using Latisse As an Eye Drop to Darken Eye Color?

I have light brown eyes, and I've always wanted them a little darker. Can I darken my eye color by using Latisse as an eye drop? READ MORE

How Does Latisse Change the Eye Color?

One of the side effects of Latisse is increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye which is likely to be permanent. Is that because... READ MORE

Can Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum Change Your Eye Color?

Tonight was my first night using the rimmel last accelerator serum and i have been researching online about the product. I have blue eyes and im... READ MORE

Permanent Eye Color Change After Latisse?

Can Latisse permanently turn my blue eyes brown? READ MORE

Can Latisse (Bimatoprost) Lighten Brown Eyes?

I've been using Latisse on my eyelashes for a loooooong time now, on and off, for 2 years. I never told anybody I was using it. Then last christmas my... READ MORE

Can Latisse Turn Blue Eyes with No Brown Flecks to Brown?

I've read some conflicting answers. I have medium to dark blue eyes with no brown flecks. Some answers I've read say your eyes can only turn... READ MORE

Does lilash change iris of green hazel eyes even if used properly without getting it on the inside of the eye?

I have green hazel eyes and i'm wondering of i use lilash will it cause more dark pigments with time. I've been doing some research and they said it... READ MORE

Chances of Iris Color Change with Latisse?

I am considering using Latisse. I have blue eyes and would like them to stay that color. What is the chances of my iris color darkening? 1 in how many? READ MORE

Eyes Bluer After Using Latisse

I have been using Latisse for about 70 days. Recently, I have noticed (as have others) that my eyes are much bluer now. I like it but hope they... READ MORE

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