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Will Combigan or Travatan Z Help my Eyelashes Grow As Well As Latisse Does?

Hello, I was wondering which of the above mentioned medications is most similar to Latisse. Thank you in advance for any information you can give me. Joy READ MORE

Latisse Effectiveness After Years of Use?

I started using Latiese as soon as it came on the market. I had great results and I loved my lashes. In the last few months it has quit working. I... READ MORE

Does the Generic Brand Work As Well As the the Trade Name of Latisse?

Does the Generic Brand Work As Well As the the Trade Name of Latisse? READ MORE

When Can Makeup Be Applied After Putting on Latisse? Can I Put It on in the Morning a Few Minutes Before I Do my Makeup?

I was wondering if when Latiesse is applied makes any difference in how long or how effective the results may be? The directions mention night time,... READ MORE

Latisse is Not Working? (photo)

I started using Latisse 2 1/2 years ago. When I first started my lashes grew in longer (not great but I did notice a difference). A year later I had... READ MORE

Have My Eyelashes Built Up an Immunity to Latisse? I Don't have Alopecia.

Your previous response to my question regarding diminishing results of Latisse over time was insufficient. Not only have had this same result, but so... READ MORE

Latisse Causes My Eyes to Water

When I Put my Latisse on at Night, It Makes my Eyes Water Alot. Is This Normal & Will It Still Work? Im Worried Its Washed Away! READ MORE

What is the Most Reliable Study That Shows How Effective Latisse Is?

What is the most reliable study that shows how effective latisse is? READ MORE

Can Estrogen Blocker Affect Latisse Results?

I've been using Latisse for a month now . . . and I'm not noticing any drastic improvement on my eyelashes, except for one or two lash hairs, that are... READ MORE

Latisse Less Effective on Second Round

Latisse was effective and I stopped using it for a month and lost the results, as I anticipated. But, since resuming use about 6 months ago, the... READ MORE

Does Latisse become less effective once you've been using it for a while?

I've been using Latisse for just over a year now. I had wonderful results last year. In fact, my lashes were so long that I thought I might have to... READ MORE

Can Latisse still be used after tip of bottle touched table?

The tip of my latisse bottle touched the surface of my table. Am I still able to use it or does a new bottle need to be obtained? Will the latisse... READ MORE

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