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Does Olive Oil or Castor Oil Promote Eyelash Growth?

Hi there :) Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Pure Castor Oil, promote Eyelash growth? does it make it thicker too? Thank you :) READ MORE

Once the Latisse Vial is Opened, How Long is the Solution Effective?

Also, would storing an opened vial of Latisse in the refrigerator increase the length of the shelf life? READ MORE

Will Latisse Work on Permed/tinted Eyelshes?

I perm and tint my eyelashes evey six seeks and was wondering if this would affect the efficacy of latisse. Are getting eyelashes permed/tinted a bad... READ MORE

Can latisse (bimatoprost) restore pigment to a hypopigmented scar permanently?

So there is a lot of proven information on the web about how latisse has a side effect that can bring pigment back to hypopigmentation. Some doctors... READ MORE

How About Using Latisse for Postchemo Eyebrows?

I successfully completed chemo for breast cancer over a year and a half ago. All my hair has come back, albeit curly... except for my eyebrows and I... READ MORE

i got lumigan with 0.1 ml. Does that mean it's less in drops or less bematoprost? (Photo)

If the bimatobrost in 0.1 ml is less than 0.3 well I have the same results? On my lashes? READ MORE

Can I Use Latisse Instead of Lumigan for Glaucoma?

I am 46 years old and have advanced glaucoma. My doctor has prescribed Lumigan as one of my medications. I have no insurance, and I have to pay out of... READ MORE

Is Careprost safe?

Is this a safe and effective alternative to Latisse? READ MORE

Can Latisse or Any Eye-lash Grower Be Used on Lower Eyelashes?

My goal like most I assume is not just voluminous lid hair for it's own sake - it's all about the actual effect thicker, longer and darker lashes have... READ MORE

Does Lumigan 0.01% act similarly to Latisse 0.03%?

I have high interlocutor pressure in my right eye due to trauma. I've been using Lumigan 0.01% in my right eye only. My lashes are long and dark . I... READ MORE

Does Lilash work? Lengthen & thicken lashes?

Does Lilash work well? I realize it's not FDA approved, but I want to know the effectiveness of it from your personal & professional experience? The... READ MORE

Can latisse be applied on the scalp to achieve longer/faster hair growth?

I know latisse is used on the eyelashes to keep them in the growth stage. I was just wondering if applying it to the scalp would give the same... READ MORE

Is generic Latisse just as effective?

Hi I've been using Latisse for a few weeks and would like to know if I can use a generic version instead? And where I would be able to purchase it?... READ MORE

Is latisse effective on eyebrows?

I have non existent eyebrows. Would latisse work in adding for definition to them so they can be styled. At the moment my eyebrows are just 2 short... READ MORE

If I keep my contacts in while using Latisse, does it make it less effective or not work at all?

My doctor never told me that I should remove my contacts when applying latisse. Both my ophthalmologist and dermatologist did not mention this. Does... READ MORE

Why is Latisse no longer as effective as when I first started using it?

I started using Latisse 5 years ago. Initially, I had beautiful, long lashes. About a year ago, my lashes were noticably shorter. I continued to use... READ MORE

I want to know which one is more safer and more effective between these serums: 1-Revitalash 2Latisse ?

Hi, I'm thinking of buying eyelash serum and I want to know which one is more safer between these serums: 1- Latisse 2-Revitalash Thank you READ MORE

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