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Latisse Causing Redness Around Skin on Eye Rims and Lids- Stopped Use, But Is It Permanent?

Hi there I've stopped using Latisse after 1 yr due to redness around the skin area of eye rims and lids. I discontinued using the product 4 wks... READ MORE

I Have Uneven Growth with Latisse After 8 Weeks Right Eyelashes Longer Than Left

I can see that Latisse is working after eight weeks, however, my right eyelashes look even and much longer, but my left do not seem as long and they... READ MORE

I Have Bimatoprost (Generic Form) and Administration is Putting Drops in Eyes. Is This Correct?

I went the cheaper route by contacting the canada drug program for latisse.They offered generic version bimatoprost,which was concideratly cheaper.It... READ MORE

I Have Had Excellent Results with LATISSE, but Now What?

Have been using latisse for over 4 months. Had amazing results, but should I stop now? Should I continue forever? I am afraid that if I stop my... READ MORE

Are Results Permanent After Discontinuing Use of Latisse?

Seems to me a lifetime of putting this stuff on is not worth having long lashes. When one stops using it, does lash growth go back to the way it was... READ MORE

Can Latisse Cause Dizziness?

I have been using Latisse for a week now and have been experiencing alot of Vertigo or Dizziness. Prior to using Latisse I was perfectly fine. Can... READ MORE

If I Use Latisse Every Night for More Than 4 Months, Will my Lashes Still Keep Growing?

Ive been using careprost the generic brand of latisse for 4 months now. I still want my lashes to be longer...should I keep using it everynight even... READ MORE

Do Lashes Become Thinner or Shorter if You Discontinue Latisse?

After discontinuing use of Latisse (16 weeks of application) do the lashes become thinner or shorter again or do the effects reverse themselves? READ MORE

If I Stop Latisse Treatment Will I Lose my Lashes or Will They Just Stop Growing?

I am just afraid that if treatment stops I will lose what I have grown. READ MORE

Losing Chunk of Lashes on One Eye

I have been using lattisse for over a year now and out of nowhere big chunk of my lashes on my left eye fell out and it's been about 3 weeks with... READ MORE

Latisse Before and After Eyelid Surgery?

How long before surgery do I discontinue using Latisse and how long after can I start using it again? READ MORE

How Long Does Latisse Last?

Do your lashes stay the same after you stop using the product? READ MORE

Will eye lashes fall out after discontinuing Latisse?

After months of consistent use and eye lash growth, will eye lashes fall out once you stop using Latisse? Thank you! READ MORE

Several of my Friends Have Tried Latisse and Said That After the Initial 12 Weeks Their Lashes Actually Started Falling Out?

Several of my Friends Have Tried Latisse and Said That After the Initial 12 Weeks Their Lashes Actually Started Falling Out. This is true? Why? READ MORE

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