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Latisse Causing Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

I've been using Latisse for 4 weeks now and I am starting to see my little tiny lashes start to grow but I am also getting dark circles under my eyes... READ MORE

Will Using Latisse Cause my Entire Eyelid to Darken?

Would Latisse cause darkening of the entire eyelid or just the line where drops are applied? READ MORE

Now That my Upper Eye Lids Have Darkened Due to Latisse is There Anything I Can Do?

Under my eyes has also darkened. What products are available to lighten the skin? READ MORE

Using Latisse As an Eye Drop to Darken Eye Color?

I have light brown eyes, and I've always wanted them a little darker. Can I darken my eye color by using Latisse as an eye drop? READ MORE

Will Latisse Darken Eyebrows?

I just ordered Latisse to use on my eyebrows. I am aware that Latisse makes eyelashes darker, will it do that to my eyebrows? That's not something... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of doing Eyelash Tinting and Perming while using Latisse?

History - Using Latisse for 3-4 months now -Improvement in length and darkness -ends are very light in color (length only shows w/ mascara) -lashes... READ MORE

Chances of Iris Color Change with Latisse?

I am considering using Latisse. I have blue eyes and would like them to stay that color. What is the chances of my iris color darkening? 1 in how many? READ MORE

Can Latisse Permanently Darken the Skin of my Eyelids?

Three months ago i read about the efectiveness of latisse, though mentioning it could darken eyelids irreversibly. is it true? READ MORE

Why is my Latisse Not Working As Well After 6 Weeks?

After 6 weeks, my eyelashes were so much longer but not that much darker. However, after about 3 months I actually started losing some of my eyelashes... READ MORE

Using Latisse for Thinning Temple Hair, Are There Still Side Effects For Eyes?

Hi there i have recently been prescribed latisse/lumigan 'off label' for thinning hair temples I have read of the side effects of latisse in... READ MORE

Could I use Latisse or Lumigan to darken my eye color? (photo)

I have made a regrettable mistake of changing my eye color from dark brown to light brown using msm and arbutin eyedrops. which is a mild skin... READ MORE

Is there a way to keep the skin on my upper and lower lids from turning dark?

I do not mind the darkening effect on the upper lid, but the darkening under my eye is noticable and not attracitve unless I have a layer of makeup on... READ MORE

Is Bimatoprost or Latisse used specifically to darken eye color?

While it isn't a norm, there are people out there who want to darken their eye colour permanently without the use of contacts. Would a doctor/plastic... READ MORE

Will Latisse darken my eyelashes?

I am a natural blonde and have blonde eyelashes and eyebrows, could latisse darken my lashes and if so, how much darker? READ MORE

How to get longer more and darker lashes?

I heard that a drug latisse can do it. however it may cause my eye colour to become brown. is there anything else that may have the same result... READ MORE

How many cases of true iris darkening from Latisse use have been reported and publicly documented by reputable sources?

I am finding conflicting information over the occurance of reputable, clinically proven changes in iris pigment caused by Latisse use. Other than the... READ MORE

Does latisse darken face and body skin?

I am already pretty dark and I don't want to get darker. I heard that skin darkening is a side effect of latisse READ MORE

Latisse darkening eyelids. How do I get rid of it?

Hello, I used Latisse 2 years ago and my eyelids darkened. A purple line where eyeliner would go. I read after you stop using it it goes away but my... READ MORE

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