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Can Latisse Be Used by Contact Lens Wearers?

Will I be able to use the new Latisse eyelash extension mascara if I wear contacts? READ MORE

Can I Get Eyelash Growth with Latisse? All Mine Have Been Pulled Out From Fake Lashes.

I recently lost most of my eyelashes due to putting on semi permanent lashes at the salon! I'm now having to use over the counter lashes when I go... READ MORE

Can my 15 Year Old Daughter Use Latisse?

I try to instill positive body image habits into my daughter, but my daughter does have very thin eyelashes. I have been discussing Latisse with my... READ MORE

Latisse for 13 Year Old Lash-Picker?

My Daughter Has Little to No Eyelashes Due to Picking Would Latisse Work for Her She is 13 READ MORE

I Am a Light Skinned African American Woman with Green Eyes. Is Latisse Safe for Me to Use?

I Am a Light Skinned African American Woman with Green Eyes. Is Latisse Safe for Me to Use? READ MORE

Can I Use Latisse with Recurring Iritis?

I am considering using Latisse as my eyelashes are thinning with age. However, I do have HLA-B27 associated recurring irits and am very cautious about... READ MORE

Is Latisse Safe for Someone Who Has Sjorgren's Syndrome?

I was recently diagnosed with Sjorgen's Syndrome. Can I use Latisse for my thinning lashes without causing additional dryness? READ MORE

Can Latisse Be Prescribed to People with Tricholomania?

I have tricholomania and only pull my eyelashes and i am wondering if it can help to grow back my eyelashes faster. READ MORE

Permanent Tattoo On Eyelids, Can I Still Use Latisse?

Permanent Tattoo On Eyelids, Can I Still Use Latisse? READ MORE

Latisse with Contact Lenses

I have always had short thin eyelashes, i've read some of the reviews on latisse, are there any known side effects, also i wear contact lenses, would... READ MORE

I Had Iritis 10 Years Ago, Can I Use Latisse Safely?

I had a single incidence of Iritis 10 years ago and it has not recurred. Am I able to use Latisse, or bimatoprost safely? I am 48 years old and am not... READ MORE

Latisse for dry eyes?

Can I use latisse or revitalash if I have dry eyes, blepharitis and I am using restasis? READ MORE

I lost 90% of my eye lashes due to bad experience from a salon gluing on fake eyelashes. Will Latisse help my case? (Photo)

It was so painful to even shut my eyes, I had no choice but to take them off myself. I had problems with my vision too. The last picture I sent u... READ MORE

Is Latisse Safe to Use with Someone with Behcets?

I have really short eyelashes so I was interested in using Latisse, but I also have Behcet's. Would it be safe to use? READ MORE

Can I use Latisse? (Photo)

I want my eyelashes to grow thicker and longer because I've noticed that every time I take my mascara off i lose one eyelash here and there I feel... READ MORE

Are African Americans good candidates for eyelash implants?

After years of overplucking, my eyelashes are thin, settlement slow growing,and sparse. My natural hair is kinky, and I'm not sure it would work well.... READ MORE

Can Latisse be used for hyperpigmentation?

I accidentally saw some replies that latisse could be used to hyperpigment the scar on hypopigmented areas. If I use that drug with fractional... READ MORE

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