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Post Lasik Reduced Quality of Vision in One Eye and Perfect Vision in the Other?

I have had a lasik surgery 15 days ago, my left eye seems to be working as expected with very sharp vision.However my right eye is suffering a bit... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Lasik and Have Good Monovision, But Redness Seems To Be Getting Worse?

I am 3 weeks postoop lasik and have good monovision. I use lubricant but sometimes have gone 2-3 when real busy without. My vision is good but redness... READ MORE

Having blurry vision after Bladefree Lasik Eye Surgery. Is this normal?

Hi All, It's been 7 days since I had Bladefree Lasik Eye surgery. I spoke to some friends who had this surgery done and most got their 20/20 vision... READ MORE

Why there is Double vision in right eye after one month of Lasik??

I had lasik eyes surgery one month before on 20th jan 2015, i am having double vision in my right eye which is more worse in dim light seems to b in... READ MORE

I have Meibomianitis or Posterior Blepharitis in both eyes, but much worse in my right.What is the best treatment regime?(photo)

After having Lasik eye surgery,i developed Blepharitis.The Blepharitis is severe in one eye, I have tried many different ways of treating it. I am... READ MORE

I had lasik about 12 years ago and my vision, near and far, is getting worse. Is there new technology to fix this? 34 years old

I've been to the eye doctor a couple times and they finally figured out a prescription that works. He said the prescription based on the testing isn't... READ MORE

2 week mono vision post op, blurred vision and near vision worse

I am 2 weeks post intra lasik. I am 52 and had mono vision lasik. I now have distance in both eyes?? My right is hazy, like a dirty contact, and also... READ MORE

One month after LASIK, right eye feels blurry. I feel like my eyes are getting worse.

I had Lasik Custom Wavefront one month ago. And my right eye is blurry and now the power is -1.25. Will it decrease over time? And will using computer... READ MORE

Dryness after LASIK, can lower plugs worsen my meibomian blepharitis?

Lasik 7 months ago. After getting lower puncta plugged, my eyes felt wetter, but my lower lids started to be red and burning. I had some crusting and... READ MORE

Halos After Lasik: Will my Vision Fluctuate or Continue to Worsen?

I had post earlier my query, where it was suggested it will take nearly 6m for haloes to go , this is common problem, during this period will my... READ MORE

I had LASIK done on both of my eyes over 3 years. Can I go back again and get it re-done on my left eye?

Both eyes had astigmatism, but my left eye was worse. After surgery both eyes we 20/15. Over the last 2 years, my left eye astigmatism has gotten... READ MORE

Can having pink mess up my lasik surgery (10 years after the surgery)?

I've had pink eye for nearly a week now that will not clear up. On drops now and its not improving. My vision has worsen since I've had it. Will... READ MORE

My left eye getting weak again after LASIK surgery. Any suggestions?

I had my LASEK 8 years ego. My pre-lasik prescriptions were Left: -6 Right -4. After LASEK both of my eyes were perfect for couple of years but now my... READ MORE

Post Lasik - Vision change in one eye two weeks out - normal?

I had intraLasik with wavefront on Friday, 1/29/16. I'm two weeks out today. At first my right eye was a little fuzzy, but has since improved to where... READ MORE

Keep going bozz eyed. Dizzy. Can't focus but when I close 1 eye I can still see perfect. Can't drive, too dangerous as double

Laser wearing off but I can see good wen I close 1 eye. Keep going bozz eye and sing double. Having to wear reading glasses. Can't drive as seeing... READ MORE

Adult Pseudostrabismus due to Positive Angle Kappa, can I go for LASIK for vision correction? (photo)

I am 25 years old and have positive angle kappa in left eye. I have hypermetropia and lens number for both of my eyes is different.This condition... READ MORE

I'm 20 y/d and i'm having myopia just from the beginning of year 2016 until now, before that in 2015 my eyes were perfectly OK.

I'm a third year medical student with no family history of Myopia, but i think because of that i read too much during the year it could ve 24h... READ MORE

Poor and slightly worse vision in eye corrected by lasik surgery. Severely increased IOP. Any suggestions?

Lasik surgery was done on one eye only and I am not getting any results. Two and a half months since the date and vision is slightly worse than before... READ MORE

11 months post LASIK still experiencing dryness, halo and sunburst. Is this normal?

How can I improve/ fix my symptoms. i had my LASIK 11 months ago. post operative symptoms like dry eyes, seeing halo or sunburst at night decreasing... READ MORE

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