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Decent Distance Vision but Poor Close Vision with Monovision Surgery?

Ten days ago I had Wavefront Lasik on both eyes. I opted for Monovision. My distance vision is fine but my reading vision is useless (for reading). I... READ MORE

Does it Seem Strange or Reasonable for a Doctor to Not Use WaveFront in his Office?

I recently had a consultation with experienced Lasik surgeon in Manhattan. When I inquired as to whether he uses wavefront with his VISX S4 IR, he... READ MORE

4 days post op, I have bad night vision and ghosting after LASIK. Is this normal?

I had wavefront custom lasix 4 days ago and im having terrible night vision especially with stop lights and some blurred vision and ghosting. Its more... READ MORE

Lasik dry eyes or an under-correction? Are my symptoms really due to dry eyes or is their another explanation?

I got wave-front Lasik eye surgery 4 months ago. The day after I had 20/20 vision but lots of halos. In 1 week I had 20/30 and after a month 20/80 (-2... READ MORE

I am returning 4 days post -op to reopen and rinse out my flap due to debris under the flap. Is this the same as DLK?

I am four days post-op from bladeless wavefront lasik surgery, and am returning today after a concerned appointment I made yesterday of cloudy vision,... READ MORE

Any advice on overcorrection of 3+ after Lasik?

Prior to Lasik performed 4 days ago, I was -7.5 right/-8 left. I was told at followup 3 days ago that I was overcorrected & am now +3. Dr. has me on... READ MORE

Full eye exam with dilation 3 months after LASIK surgery. Did I damage my corrected LASIK Vision?

I recently had LASIK Wavefront about 3 months ago. Last month I had to get a full eye exam from my original optometrist (who was aware of my recent... READ MORE

Does the time between a custom wavefront scan and LASIK surgery affect outcome?

I had custom all laser lasik. I and the wavefront scan 4 months before surgery, and I have Starbursts and glare, it's not too bad, but I'm wondering... READ MORE

How do I know what type of lasik treatment I received? Doctor being evasive when asked. (photos)

I need to know if the procedure I got is the one he recommended for his top choice after my exam. Top choice for me was Idesign wavefront guided. My... READ MORE

Right eye is not 100% after lasik

I had lasik wavefront in both of my eyes yesterday around 3h30 pm, I was -4 of myopie. Today my left eye is perfect. I see reslly clear and have no... READ MORE

Post Lasik - Vision change in one eye two weeks out - normal?

I had intraLasik with wavefront on Friday, 1/29/16. I'm two weeks out today. At first my right eye was a little fuzzy, but has since improved to where... READ MORE

LASIK blurriness that switches eyes and differences in visual acuity. Any suggestions?

I had custom wavefront LASIK performed with a microkeratome.I had surgery on 3/17/2016.The day after surgery I saw GREAT out of my left eye, and my... READ MORE

4th day post-Lasik - vision fluctuation.

I've had the lasik custom wavefront intralase procedure friday 24th june, and after 24h my first check-up. Post op I was great no pain , no burning in... READ MORE

The difference between wavefront and allegretto wave lasers for LASIK?

I am nearsighted and I have ASTIGMATISM and I'm trying to figure out what doctor to use for LASIK..one doctor use the allegretto wave and the other... READ MORE

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