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How Long Does Lasik Results Last?

I am 24 y/o and considering doing Lasik! Is it a one time procedure? Am I too young to get it? READ MORE

With a Prescription of -10.5, Am I a Candidate for Lasik?

I keep hearing two different opinions: one that it's OK and people with higher prescriptions had Lasik done and have perfect vision now, and the other... READ MORE

Too Old for Lasik?

Is there an age at which Lasik would be ill advised because you might still need glasses to correct age-related eye issues, or does Lasik preclude... READ MORE

Lasik for Astigmatism?

Can Lasik fix astigmatism and make vision better in general? READ MORE

Could I Get Myopia Back 6 Years After C Lasik?

I had C lasik done in 2005, have vision issues again it seems. I have difficulty in reading distant things. Vision is Blur for a distance.Please... READ MORE

Does Eye Dryness After Lasik Affect the Vision?

I make the lasik after a month i feel unclear vision and a doctor told me that i have -1 in my eye and the doctor who made me the surgery told me... READ MORE

Losing vision after Lasik 8 years ago. What are my options? (Photo)

Its been 8 years after lasik and i am losing eye vision drastically. After LASIK my vision came down to .25 on left and .50 on right, then normal... READ MORE

Will Using Computer Further Blurred my Vision After Lasik It's Been Two Weeks? How Can I Have Faster Recovery of my Cornea?

My number for myopia is 7. Last Saturday, they took off the protective lens and now I normally don't feel pain. My vision is not clear but improved... READ MORE

2 months post op of Lasik, does eye exercise helps to improve sharpness in my vision?

I have no perfect sharpness in my vision even after 2 months from a lasik .im really worried about it,does it will continue through out my age ,is... READ MORE

LASIK 2 weeks ago, perfect vision and no dry-eye, however feel a constant pressure in left eye and occasional headaches. (photo)

I had LASEK on 16-07-2016, my vision is currently near perfect and I have no dry-eye symptoms. However from around 7 days into my treatment I began... READ MORE

I had LASIK surgery a week ago and my vision is still blurry

I had lasik surgery a week ago. I did mono vision correction. Right now none of my vision is clear. Not reading and not far and driving at night is... READ MORE

Will my near view vision improve?

I had Lasik surgery done on the 3rd April 2015 for astigmatism with a low prescription for Short-sightedness.. 1 week after surgery I can see for... READ MORE

I had LASIK 8 days ago. At the one week appt the doc said I have "migrating cells". Is this a bad problem?

They were seen in both eyes, but in line of vision on left. Is this a bad problem? They mentioned lifting the flap and irrigating. I am feeling scared... READ MORE

Why am I having left eye foreign particle feeling problem after 1 month of a LASIK surgery?.

1 month before i had lasic surgery ,suddenly in my left eye i felt like some foreign particle is there when i see side vise only. front side and... READ MORE

I'm a 45yr old female & vision had gotten slightly worse every year since 16. Can I get LASIK if my vision is still changing?

. It has not yet stabilized. I'm not sure of my glasses prescription but for my contacts, I wear a 7.5 in my left eye and have a slight astigmatism... READ MORE

What happens if the lasik flap is lost due to trauma?

Hi, I had a great lasik procedure 2 months ago with no problems at all. The only thing that bothers me is the whole flap thing. To ease my concerns, I... READ MORE

LASIK complication - haze and progressive worsening of sight?

Had LASIK 10 days ago. After 2 days of burning and irritation, now I have a haze over everything, which makes my last reading of 20/100 vision seem... READ MORE

Lasik dry eyes or an under-correction? Are my symptoms really due to dry eyes or is their another explanation?

I got wave-front Lasik eye surgery 4 months ago. The day after I had 20/20 vision but lots of halos. In 1 week I had 20/30 and after a month 20/80 (-2... READ MORE

I had Lasik 3 months ago. I was -6.50 in both eyes. My close vision (1-10 feet) still hasn't come back.

I am a +75 in both eyes right now. I am a +75 in both eyes right now. My eye doctor told me that I was overcorrected. Is this easy to correct and what... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Trouble Looking at a Computer 6 Days After Lasik?

Hi. I had Lasik surgery 6 days ago. I was nearsighted and never had any issues reading or looking at a computer screen. Now I can see distance really... READ MORE

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