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Does -0.50 Worth Touch Up Lasik?

Got lasik seven days ago was about -5.75 sph and -0.75 cyl in each eye now after 7 days of surgery i still have blurring of vision i went today to my... READ MORE

Blurry Vision After Lasik Touch Up Surgery Following Multi-focal Refractive Surgery. Will I Improve?

I had multi-focal refractive surgery about 5 mos. ago. My vision didn't turn out to what I had hoped. 3 days ago I had lasik touch up surgery(so they... READ MORE

Does Dr. Have to Reduce Prescription for Touch Up Lasik Treatment?

Every laser, prescription, environment, doctor has a different number that is inputed even for first time surgery to get the 100% result that we want... READ MORE

I'd lasik done on both eyes but I had to go back a week later for a touch up on my right eye. Do you think that damaged my eye?

I had lasik done on both eyes but i had to go back a week later for a touch up on my right eye do you think that damaged my eye? 7 years later I had... READ MORE

Can Lasik be touched up so that I can see mid distance again?

I had lasik surgery about 6 weeks ago and my eyes are about 20/20 (+.5 in my left and +.25 in my right) for distance but my mid-distance is not what I... READ MORE

Does LASIK enhancement / touch up help to see better at night and where contrast is low?

Hi, I got LASIK a year ago, I can see well in the day time. But I have a hard time seeing at night and at places (eg. Restaurants) where there's not... READ MORE

LASIK Done Twice on One Eye & Third Time for Stromal Haze. Still a Number Persists of -3. Is It Normal? (photo)

I had my LASIK done twice for both my eyes ( -5.75 ). After a few months my left eye was blurry. I had a touchup LASIK 4 months ago. For a month the... READ MORE

One eye taking longer to reach potential after LASIK. Is this common?

I had LASIK just over a week ago. Left eye is 20/20, right eye is 20/40. I dealt with some initial inflammation and epithelial sloughing during the... READ MORE

Is RK post-LASIK a good touch-up option?

I am 53 weeks post-LASIK in both eyes. My prescription in my weaker eye was over -7. My vision has now stabilized to where my surgeon wants to perform... READ MORE

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