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Post Lasik Reduced Quality of Vision in One Eye and Perfect Vision in the Other?

I have had a lasik surgery 15 days ago, my left eye seems to be working as expected with very sharp vision.However my right eye is suffering a bit... READ MORE

Can You Schedule a Lasik Consult and then the Procedure the Following Day?

I was just wondering if it was possible to schedule a consultation one day and then the following day have the procedure done? I am driving about two... READ MORE

When Will I Get my Perfect Vision?

I had my customised lasik a week ago.after very next day my left eye was perfect though the right one was blurry.days passed and presently my left eye... READ MORE

How Long to Wait for Lasik Surgery Without Wearing Hard Lenses?

How long do I need to go without wearing my hard lenses before having lasik surgery? READ MORE

Lasik and Eye Allergy. Can I Get Lasik While I'm On Eyedrops?

I've been wearing lenses for 10 years( that never hurt me) and i got allergic conjunctivitis for 7 days i'm now on patanol and steroid and my... READ MORE

3D Laser Lasik Eye Surgery with a High Myopia and High Astigmatism, How Long does it Take to Heal?

My husband had 3D laser lasik eye surgery with a high myopia and high astigmatism. 2 days post op he is 20/50 OS and 20/80 OD. He didn't have a... READ MORE

How long will eyes be dry and cloudy after Lasik?

Had Lasik 12/21/13 left eye still cloudy its like looking out of a dirty contact lense and eyes very dry even after applying lubercating eye drops.... READ MORE

Lasik and Eye Infection

I'm scheduled to have my lasik in 3 days and i got mild eye infection my DR put me on antibiotics eye drops and ointment .. and told me it will... READ MORE

I'm getting LASIK done within a week. I am practicing MMA. After LASIK, when can I resume exercise?

MMA i.e. Mixed martial arts, includes wrestling, kick-boxing, etc and involves hardcore freehand exercise. Blows to face n eye during a fight are... READ MORE

How Long do I Need to Wait to Get Mullerectomy After having LASIK?

I had a unilateral mullerectomy 3 weeks ago for ptosis r/t contact lens use, and now need to have the other eyelid done. My surgeon wants to wait a... READ MORE

What happens if I have to have my eye scraped? How long should I wait?

I had Lasik 2 weeks ago tomorrow. My dr noticed a spot under my flap that she is concerned about and said we may have to get it scraped. It is not... READ MORE

How long should i use a computer and other screens after 22 days of LASIK?

It has been 22 days since my LASIK . i want to know how much time i can spend on Computer screens ? would it damage my eyes? READ MORE

I'm interested in blepharoplasty for both upper / lower eyelids. I'm also interested in having LASIK for vision. Considerations?

I'd want Lasik first, before doing lids, so that I see without glasses after doing eyelids surgery... but I don't know how these two separate... READ MORE

How much time will it take for my eyes to get back to normal after LASIK so that I don't need to put eye drops consistently?

I had lasik in April last year. I use to wear glasses with around 7 and 8 refractive index. I am using refresh tears for my dry eyes since then. My... READ MORE

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