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Blurry Left Eye After Lasik?

Have you experienced a change in your vision after Lasik? My left eye is blurry and I am wondering if this will change. READ MORE

Lasik Side Effects

I fear complications or side effects of lasik. what are typical problems? READ MORE

Ghost Vision After Two Lasik Treatments

I've had Double or "Ghost" vision after my first Lasik treatment, and my right eye had the brunt of the effect, making it hard for me to... READ MORE

Lasik Complications

What are the most common complications following Lasik surgery? How often do complications occur? READ MORE

How Can Lasik Side Effects Like Droopiness and Dryness Be Fixed?

I am a 27 year old female. i had a lasik surgery done 4 years ago and i've been experiencing side effect from it ever since,such as: dry eyes... READ MORE

Best Lasik Technique to Minimize Side Effects?

I read that lasik side effect can incl night vision reduction and halos. Obvuisly want to avoid these. whats the best lasik technique, newest... READ MORE

Rainbow Glare Permanent Side Effect of Lasik?

I went in for a Lasik procedure 2 weeks ago. During the laser flap creation on my left eye I had a vertical subepithelial gas breakthrough. The doctor... READ MORE

Recreational drugs post-IntraLASIK

A friend asked me inquire on Cocaine and MDMA use two weeks after Intralase surgery. Would they have any significant effect on the eyes or the healing... READ MORE

Will LASIK Reshaping of the Cornea Lessen the Risk for Cataracts?

Does LASIK surgery lessens the risk of developing cataracts at a later date? How likely will someone need cataract surgery sometime after hyperopic LASIK? READ MORE

Concern with Daytime Glare 6 Weeks Post IntraLasik

Pre-op I was -3.75 Left -3.5 Right. One week after had 20/15L and 20/20R. 6 weeks out I am still experiencing Daytime Glare. Even in very good... READ MORE

What % of Patients Get Starbursts from Lasik?

What are the chances of having glare starbursts after having lasik eye surgery? READ MORE

Are Dry Eyes Less Likely After Having Prk or Lasik Surgery?

If this is a common side effect of both, which procedure has a faster recovery time? READ MORE

Should I Have Lasik to Correct -3.00 to 20/20 ?

I am 24 yrs old and my prescription is stable at -3.00 (both eyes) with -1.00 astigmatism is left eye. Corneal thickness: 560 microns (left) and 557... READ MORE

Should I go for LASIK enhancement only in one eye? Worried if I will get into side-effects this time that I didn't have before.

I had Lasik 3 months ago when my vision was -2.75 on the right eye and -2.5 on the right eye. The day after Lasik I has 20/20 vision but it degraded... READ MORE

Is painful sensitivity to light normal after LASIK?

I had lasik done 2 weeks ago at first both my eyes were fine but now my left eye is painfully sensitive to any light all light hurts my left eye is... READ MORE

Am I eligible for laser treatment. Now I am 18 years old. Can you tell me the cost of treatment? (photo)

Is there any side affects by doing a lasers treatment actually I have a long sight I can't visible clearly which is at far from me..and I am wareing a... READ MORE

Is overcorrection is a normal side effect?

I am 43,i am near sighted -6.5 and -6.75 and a cylindrical 2.5 and after 10 days of custom lasik surgery I am overcorrected +1.25 for both eyes,is... READ MORE

Dry Eye Drops After Lasik?

What's the suitable lubricant drops for the extra dry eye after lasik!!!!!????? plz help & the products which contain alcohol as ( systain) have... READ MORE

Side effects from LASIK dilating drops?

After receiving the dilating drops for my LASIK consultation I started to have very strange side effects: extreme dry mouth, jitters, anxiety etc...... READ MORE

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