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Risk In Wearing Contacts Before LASIK Surgery?

I have gone for my Lasik consultation were they checked my eyes. I did not wear my contacts for two weeks and came back to have them dilated and... READ MORE

Problems, Risks, Drawbacks of Lasik Eye Surgery

Sir I am 22 years old and I have been wearing contact lense for last six years. I have heard about some serious drawbacks of lasik such as flap never... READ MORE

IFS Intralase Vs. Lasik - Will IFS Reduce Risk of Complications?

A eye clinic near me is promoting iFS intralase for vision correction. their ads say iFS is safer and faster than Lasik because its the latest... READ MORE

Lasik and Mountain Climbing, Are there Any Risks with the Altitude?

I had Lasik over 12 years ago and am now planning on climbing Mt Elbrus, would it still have a bearing on the altitude after having had the op so long... READ MORE

Will Lasik Lead to Corneal Transplant?

Is it true that after Lasik/ PRK a patient is in very high risk of corneal transplant years after the procedure? There are stories of corneal... READ MORE

What is the Ideal Corneal Thickness for -7.5 Prescription?

I am 28 and my prescription is -7 and -7.5 , after 2 days of not wearing contact lenses my cornea thickness was 490, I re checked after taking... READ MORE

High Prescription and Astigmatism?

I have high prescription with high astigmatism. Based on the minus cylinder prescription, I am -10.5 with -4 astigmatism and -9.25 with 2.75... READ MORE

Is It Safe To Get Lasik After Being Diagnosed With Epilepsy?

I was diagnosed with Epilepsy 10 months ago and with medication, have been seizure free for 9 months. Is it possible for me to get Lasik? READ MORE

Lasik and Eye Infection

I'm scheduled to have my lasik in 3 days and i got mild eye infection my DR put me on antibiotics eye drops and ointment .. and told me it will... READ MORE

I Have A Thin Cornea, and Diagnosed With Ankylosing Spondylitis. Lasik/PRK or Problems to Be Aware Of?

I have been advised that I have a thin cornea size of 478 microns. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. My contact lens... READ MORE

Why is There So Much Controversy About Laser Eye Surgery?

There are many websites to warn people about the dangers of laser vision correction. These sites basically say that Laser surgery damages every eye by... READ MORE

Should I Have Lasik to Correct -3.00 to 20/20 ?

I am 24 yrs old and my prescription is stable at -3.00 (both eyes) with -1.00 astigmatism is left eye. Corneal thickness: 560 microns (left) and 557... READ MORE

Corneal Thinning and Lasik?

Keratoconus (a serious disease) is caused by thinning of the central cornea. Lasik (refractive surgery) thins the central part of the cornea. Don't... READ MORE

I'm getting LASIK done within a week. I am practicing MMA. After LASIK, when can I resume exercise?

MMA i.e. Mixed martial arts, includes wrestling, kick-boxing, etc and involves hardcore freehand exercise. Blows to face n eye during a fight are... READ MORE

Lasik and Oral Steroid Combination Now Allowed?

I'm on low dose steroids ( prednisolone 10mg/ day) and while searching on the websites about lasik i read that lasik is not allowed in patients on... READ MORE

If I'm a good candidate for either LASIK or PRK, which would you recommend?

My doctor said I'm a perfectly good candidate for either procedure. She said the choice was mine, but personally recommended PRK because it's a more... READ MORE

Is Lasik Safe or Dangerous?

There are numerous cases of corneal ectasia happening after Lasik. How can a procedure like Lasik be safe if it induces corneal ectasia years after... READ MORE

I have correctable strabismus. How will Lasik surgery affect the strabismus?

Without glasses or contacts my eyes are crossed. With glasses or contacts they are aligned and I have no issues. I had surgery at 6 years old to... READ MORE

What are the Different Cons that Could Come Along with getting LASIK?

I've wanted custom wave-front LASIK for many years; my vision in both eyes is -3.75 and has remaind stable. Dr. says I'm a candidate; however... READ MORE

How long it takes to heal the flaps or does it ever heals?

Hi I am from India and had customized lasik around 1.5 months back. During regular follow up check up, My doctor was concerned for epithelial ingrowth... READ MORE

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