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I Have Glares and Starbursts After Old Lasik Procedur, Is There a Way to Fix That?

All-laser Lasik is known to diminish the risk of nightime issues. I had a surgery using older methods (blade flap and laser without wavefront) and... READ MORE

I Am 2 Weeks out After Lasik and my Near and Far Vision is Still Kind of Blurry. Is This Normal?

I am having difficulty reading letters on paper and on the computer, which is 90% of my work. I haven't seen much improvement, even though I've been... READ MORE

I StilI Have a Ghosting Image in my Left Eye After 2 Lasik Treatment Revisions

I stilI have a ghosting image in my left eye after lasik treatment, my doctor redo the treatment 2 times and now i still have the problem, i... READ MORE

What can be done if your lasik enhancement was over corrected?

I had lasik about a year and 2 months ago. 2 days ago I had an enhancement. Before the enhancement the female doctor did my exam thought both should... READ MORE

Maximum Delay for Lasik Re-treatment

Greetings. I underwent lasik 18 months ago, for mediocre results. One eye was over-corrected (it was myopic and became hypermetropic), and the other... READ MORE

Overcorrected after LASIK enhancement. Initial LASIK performed 17 years ago. When can I have the overcorrection revised?

I was way over corrected with an enhancement performed in Jan 2014. I am 50 so now can't see anything close up. Very frustrating. Then in June 2014... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Have Revision Lasik to Address Reading Distance?

I had mono-vision lasik done about 10 years ago. My vision eye is still clear but my reading eye has gotten worse. Can I have the eye that was done... READ MORE

I am 32, can I do Lasik a second time or is PRK a better option?

I am 32 , i had lasik 4 years back and now my number comes again and i am wearing 1 number glasses in both eyes. my cornea thickness is 470... READ MORE

I am having my 4th... yes 4th eye surgery this week. Should I be concerned?

I am having my 4th... yes 4th eye surgery this week. I have had LASIK in 2009, 2010 and PRK in December of 2013. After absolutely no change in my... READ MORE

Is it possible to do LASIK surgery again?

I did the lasik surgery before one year ago when i was 21 years old and now it came back again what should i do should I do the surgery again or... READ MORE

What % of Lasik Patients (Age 40+) Lose Their Corrected Vision (After 7+ Years) and Need Vision Correction Again?

Doctors all say about 1-3% of patients need to redo their laser surgery, who are within a 1-2 year period of having prior laser surgery. However, it... READ MORE

Do you think I need a LASIK enhancement surgery since my distance vision is still blurry?

I have my lasik surgery 2 months ago but still my distance vision is blurry and so i have checked my eyesight and it is found to be -0.5 on both the... READ MORE

Preparing for eye surgery number 4! Any suggestions?

Had Lasik 5 years ago (-7 in both eyes). 18 months later the surgeon decided on an enhancement (-1 right, -.75 left). My vision continued to go south... READ MORE

Blurry right eye 5 months after lasik. Do I need an enhancement?

Had lasik surgery16/9/2015,first I had clear vision in both eyes,the left it was clear90%of the time,the right it was50%,First two weeks after surgery... READ MORE

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