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Will Pregnancy Change my Lasik Result?

Im 30 and have a consult for Lasik. My vision is -1.0 AND -2.25. if I get pregnant again (I have a 4 1/2 year old) is there a possibility it will ruin... READ MORE

I'm 2 Months Post Lasik. How Much Longer for Final Results?

I'm two months out from Lasik surgery. I had mono vision procedure. Still have problems focusing. How much longer do I need to wait for final results? READ MORE

1 month after Lasik. Can vision still improve?

After one month of lasik . I cant read last line of reading board with left eye. Will it improve in coming time. READ MORE

Lasik and squint.

I had lasik surgery 26 days ago. But in my left eye the vision is blurry and sometimes i have a double vision (it's annoying). Sometime i feel it... READ MORE

My cornea thickness is 457 both eyes. Powers R -8.0, CYL -0.75, L -3.0, CYL -1.25. Am I eligible for LASIK RelEx/LASAK/FLAPLESS?

My cornea thickness is 457 in right eye and 458 in left eye. My Powers: Right SPH -8.0, CYL -0.75, Left SPH -3.0, CYL -1.25. Am I eligible for... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for LASIK?

My cornea thickness is 520 microns. My left eye has -13 and right eye has -15. My doctors said that even if I have LASIK,I'll still have about -6 on... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for LASIK or PRK?

Only my right eye has a very bad astigmatism and far sighted. (-4.25) So my right eye ball is shaped like a football. I was wondering if I am a good... READ MORE

I want to get rid of myopia.

I have the following degrees: -3.75 in my right eye and -2.75 in my left eye. in the topography results, i had the following : OD ; LSA: 0.51 D and... READ MORE

How can I tell if LASIK went well 10 days after surgery?

Done Lasik 10 days ago. Left eye which was minus 4 still has blurry/ haze vision. How can I tell if it was corrected properly and I only need to wait... READ MORE

Have your farsighted patients had good results from lasik?

I am farsighted. My prescription is +2.75 In one eye and +2.25 in the other. The surgeon I had my consultation with said he could give me excellent... READ MORE

After 1) Epicanthoplasty 2) Under eye fat reposition and fat grafting. How long should I wait to do LASIK?

1-Incision in inner corner of eyes 2&3-Incision in inner/under bottom eye lid -How long is a safe wait to do LASIK -LASIK requires equipment to... READ MORE

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