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Very Large Pupils and Lasik Surgery

What do most lasik surgeons consider very large pupils? I've read the pupil dilates naturally at night from 5-8 mm. Can it get bigger than that?... READ MORE

Does Having Lasik Make Your Pupils Dilate More Than They Did Pre-op?

For some reason ever since I had lasik my eyes seem to get bigger than they were before lasik. I've read in articles that having unequal eye... READ MORE

Alphagan P - My Only Option?

So the verdict is in. I went for my 3 month post op today and found out they measured my pupil at 6mm when it was really at 8mm. They said that within... READ MORE

Does Lasik Cause Pupil Shift?

I've read some articles that having lasik causes your pupils to shift off center. Just wondering how true is this. Is a persons pupils naturally... READ MORE

Lasik Enhancement: Still Seeing Starbursting off Lights

I had my lasik enhancement a week ago today. I'm still seeing the starbursting off lights at night and halos. What could still be causing this? My... READ MORE

Is lasik suitable for me? I have 7.88mm diameter size of pupil.

My pupil diameter is about 7.88mm definitely large than 6.5mm optical zone provided from Lasik surgeon. Will I have night vision issue? READ MORE

I have Caucasian appearance. Is it safe to have LASIK surgery to make permanent dilation of the pupil color?

I'm ivan My ethnicity is pure Asian Weekly injections of ascorbic acid, color # FFFFBB, Radiesse facial features to Caucasian (white) template, highly... READ MORE

PRK or Lasik for high myopia and large pupil?

I am unable to decide which procedure is best for my eyes and have gone through consultations with mixed result. One yes for PRK and two for Lasik. I... READ MORE

Can starbursts get worse and not better? 5 weeks post surgery

I've been doing a ton of research and it appears that my pupil in lowlight is 6.49 however the treatment zone was 6x6.5. Does this mean I will always... READ MORE

DO Flat corneas and large pupils make me a high risk candidate for LASIK?

I have seriously been considering LASIK for a few years now. I have had two different consultations in the past week and have some serious... READ MORE

I had LASIK 7 days ago and the laser malfunctioned, my right eye didn't get finished. I noticed my pupil is dilated still.

I had Lasik 7 days ago and it was supposed to be on both eyes. Well the laser malfunctioned and the Dr was only able to do my left eye. But started on... READ MORE

Blurry night vision 6 weeks post-op See a lot of glare and starbursts around lights in night.

My day vision is perfect. In dim light with too many bright objects it gets kind of cloudy. I see a lot of halos and starbursts too. Over time the... READ MORE

After five months of lasik i still notice light source comes like lines from source. Is there any possible treatment? (photos)

I start suffer from ghosting and double vision specially from white text or red lamps over dark backgrounds. I review the situation with my doctor but... READ MORE

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