Pressure + LASIK

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Trauma Post Lasik From Pressure From Sleep Mask?

I had Lasik (the non-surgical, laser) eye surgery overseas 5 weeks ago. I sleep with a dark sleep mask at night to avoid rubbing and provide darkness.... READ MORE

Is it normal for my eyes to feel heavy/pressure 1 week 3 days post LASIK? My eyes didn't start feeling heavy until yesterday?

I don't have any blurriness, and everything has been seamless so far, but yesterday (1 wk 2 days pos-op) my eyes felt very tired which in turn made me... READ MORE

LASIK 2 weeks ago, perfect vision and no dry-eye, however feel a constant pressure in left eye and occasional headaches. (photo)

I had LASEK on 16-07-2016, my vision is currently near perfect and I have no dry-eye symptoms. However from around 7 days into my treatment I began... READ MORE

Recently had LASIK, I am a little over 3 weeks post-op. I have feeling pressure, or to better explain, tired/heavy eyes?

Recently had LASEK, and experiencing "tired eyes" it's never to the point were it is unbearable, just more of an annoyance and wanting to "rest my... READ MORE

Morning vision blurry but enhances after few hours. I have been treated for -8 d myopia 2.5 month ago.

It is only in right eye..left eye enhanced for -0.75 after two month Lasik.but now right eye start fluctuating....m in stress .lubricant drop not... READ MORE

Problems after lasik - lazy eye.

I had lazik on both eyes In May 2015. Enhancement on Left eye on Dec. 2015 Left eye had cell growth and it was cleaned shortly after the first... READ MORE

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