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Eye prescription Rt +0.5 + 2 cyl 90 Lt +0.5 +1 cyl 90 Can you explain this?

Eye prescription Rt +0.5 + 2 cyl 90 Lt +0.5 +1 cyl 90 Can you explain this - my seven year old is wearing glasses but eyes seem to be getting worse READ MORE

High Prescription and Astigmatism?

I have high prescription with high astigmatism. Based on the minus cylinder prescription, I am -10.5 with -4 astigmatism and -9.25 with 2.75... READ MORE

Can I still have LASIK if there have been minor changes in my prescription?

Hello, I was wondering if I am a good candidate for Lasik - I thought my prescription was very stable (-2.5 in both eyes), however I've just found out... READ MORE

I got a LASIK surgery 6 months ago and now my vision is getting blurry. Any suggestions?

I went to the optometrist doctor to check my vision and they say i got asitigmasim on right eye with a prescription -0.25.However,2 days recently,the... READ MORE

With 450um of Thickness, -2,-2,18: -1.75,-1.5,175 of Prescription, Am I a Lasik Candidate?

I am really confused. One center says I am not a candidate for lasik/prk and another center says, with femtolaser, they can do Lasik on me. Please... READ MORE

Is It True That Lower Prescriptions Have Better Results with Lasik?

I had Lasik about a year ago and have had almost no complications and been overall happy with the result. But I've been surfing the web and what I... READ MORE

Will I qualify for lasik surgery?

I am 23 years old and I am very nearsighted My prescription is.-14.00on my L And -14.5 on my R eye. Currently I using proclear contacts due to thr... READ MORE

Does Dr. Have to Reduce Prescription for Touch Up Lasik Treatment?

Every laser, prescription, environment, doctor has a different number that is inputed even for first time surgery to get the 100% result that we want... READ MORE

I had Lasik 4 weeks ago. My right eye is dryer, blurrier, and I don't have as much sensation in it as the left. Healing slower?

Is there a possibility that I'm healing slower? I had my follow up and they said thieving looked good, prescription and all. Funny thing is I can see... READ MORE

Do you know if one's vision prescription is a parameter into the IntraLasik surgery device?

During the eligibility check it was determined that I can undergo IntraLasik. My corona thickness was 518um and 512um. My perspiration found was -2.25... READ MORE

Is it possible to do wrong-eye surgery with lasik, like reversing the prescriptions that were established pre-op?

I had all-laser Lasik a few days ago and the surgeon elected to part with tradition and do my left eye first (long story). To my concern, as he was... READ MORE

Are There Any Risks Going into Lasik Surgery when my Glasses Prescription Isn't Stable?

I want to ensure noting is overlooked prior going into lasik surgery. My glasses prescription raises every year since just read online it should be... READ MORE

I had LASIK 1 month ago. Will my prescription increase if I don't use glasses as I work on computer whole day?

After a month 1 was left with -0.5 prescription in both eyes. I can live with that. If I don't use glasses, will it worsen my eye prescription? I tend... READ MORE

Suitability for LASIK - Thin Corneas / Low Prescription

I was told my corneas are too thin for LASIK. What are the minimum thicknesses required for LASEK or other forms of laser eye surgery that may benefit... READ MORE

I had lasik about 12 years ago and my vision, near and far, is getting worse. Is there new technology to fix this? 34 years old

I've been to the eye doctor a couple times and they finally figured out a prescription that works. He said the prescription based on the testing isn't... READ MORE

Am I suitable for LASIK?

27 years old. Have only worn glasses for about the last 7 years. My current prescription is about -2 and -2.25. So it's not terrible but I need... READ MORE

Will Maxidex 0.1% eye drops (for granuloma) cause glaucoma ?

I had eye surgery about 2 months ago. Seems like I developed granuloma (under eye lid). I was told to use Maxidex 0.1% for 6 months 3 times a day. I... READ MORE

PRK and High Prescription?

Hi there, I have been wearing contact lenses for about 20 years, my vision is excellent with them. 6 years a go i was evaluated for Lasik/PRK and i... READ MORE

Cloudiness and worse vision 6 months post op lasik. I can no longer see with any prescription. Why?

The first couple weeks post op were great; however, 2-3 weeks post op I noticed the vision was regressing. I've had 2 more procedures to "clean" my... READ MORE

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