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Is It True That the Longer You Have Post-Lasik Dry Eye, the More Likely It Will Be Permanent?

I was told that Lasik healing time is 3-6 months. It is now over a year later (13 months to be exact) and I still have post lasik dry-eye. I hear it... READ MORE

I got my Lasik (Femto) surgery done and my vision is blurred. Is this common and will it get better?

It is 1 month now post surgery. I had -12.5 and -10.5 on my left and right eyes. I couldn't see anyone clearly or read letters in books in the night... READ MORE

Blurry Vision and Double Image After 2 Months Lasik Operation

I am into my 40s and had my Lasik operation 2 months ago. I am not able to read road sign clearly when I drive, worse when I am in basement carpark. I... READ MORE

I understand these complications are rare beyond 6 months but what percentage of these complications become permanent?

I have terrible glares, halos, and photosensitivity since lasik which was performed 8 months ago. It is affecting my work terribly. I have seen 3... READ MORE

Is my blurry peripheral vision permanent?

I got lasik eye surgery with the femtosecond laser to create the flap a few days ago. The normal haze and blurriness has begun to subside but not I... READ MORE

Is LASIK is permanent?

Done my lasik before 3weeks there is no problem in surgry but it gets blury vision in right eye will it heal are need to consult my surgen and will it... READ MORE

Permanent Dry Eye Post-Lasik

My LASIK procedure done a week ago. Doctor said I would be a good candidate for LASIK during the screening. I'm currently experiencing some pretty bad... READ MORE

I've got red eyes and puffiness after the EPI-lasik treatment. Is it permanent?

I've got red eyes and Puffiness after the EPI-lasik treatment . Puffy eyes wasn't permanent before the EpiLasik . After surgery , it appears to be... READ MORE

Will glare be permanent?

I had lasik cantaract surgery at the age of 20years in 2013 now I am unable to see lights and driving at night. Is there any treatment to remove glare? READ MORE

Daytime and Nighttime Glare, Starbursts, and dry eyes 1 week post LASIK.

I had LASIK a week ago and I'm having terrible problems with glares, halos, and starbursts. I can barely look at my computer screen. The intensity... READ MORE

I had lasik surgery 6 weeks ago, I have developed a rough spot on one eye, which causes a film like feeling and extreme blur.

Will a rough spot on the eye 6 weeks post lasik resolve itself after use of antibiotics and steroids. It is quite bothersome and annoying. Everything... READ MORE

Is Lasik good enough?

FDA regards electrolysis as the only permanent hair-removal. But I have dark hair and I believe Lasik has no problem with that. In Lasik, only... READ MORE

Is LASIK best for me to correct the astigmatism? Please suggest the best option to reduce the problem. Explain considerations.

Age 22.prescription details; Sph cyl axis R: +0.25 -6.00 10 6/18 L: +0.25 -6.00 175 6/18 CCT: R:527/534 L: 540/534 K Value: R:40/46 L: 40/46 If lasik... READ MORE

Can I have only my astigmatism corrected?

I have astigmatism in one eye and can't find overnight contact lenses that will correct it. I want to have the astigmatism permanently corrected. It... READ MORE

I want to get rid of myopia.

I have the following degrees: -3.75 in my right eye and -2.75 in my left eye. in the topography results, i had the following : OD ; LSA: 0.51 D and... READ MORE

I had LASIK surgery done about 11 months ago. I am still experiencing painful dry eyes. Is this likely permanent?

I had LASIK done just under a year ago. I still experience dry eyes which cause pain & redness. I have done everything the doctor suggested, including... READ MORE

Will my vision in one eye remain slight blur forever after Lasik?

I did Lasik 2 month ago. I see great now with NO side effect. But while I see clear both eyes open I see a little blur at distance in my right 'non... READ MORE

My right eye is blurry one-week after LASIK. Is this permanent?

I had LASIK 7 days ago in both eyes. My left eye was ~20/20 the next day and at the 5 day follow. The right eye was ~20/30 the next day and at the 5... READ MORE

Is there an eye surgery that would limit the need for an adjustment or other surgery later? 35 years old.

I had a corneal ulcer and the specialist told me it looks as though i had them prior as well and recommended I limit contact lens use and consider... READ MORE

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