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Can LASIK correct a 5.0 diopter astigmatism?

What are the limits of LASIK eye surgery concerning the correction of astigmatism?  READ MORE

How Can Lasik Side Effects Like Droopiness and Dryness Be Fixed?

I am a 27 year old female. i had a lasik surgery done 4 years ago and i've been experiencing side effect from it ever since,such as: dry eyes... READ MORE

Wavelight Allegretto Vs. Nidek for Lasik?

I have the option of a good doctor (25,000 patients) using Wavelight Allegretto or another doctor with much more overall experience (45,000 patients)... READ MORE

What can be done if your lasik enhancement was over corrected?

I had lasik about a year and 2 months ago. 2 days ago I had an enhancement. Before the enhancement the female doctor did my exam thought both should... READ MORE

ASA, PRK, or LASIK, Which is Least Invasive?

I need to correct my vision to 20/20 or better. Right now I have 20/30- and 20/25 with slight astigmatism. I want to join French NAVY. But they dont... READ MORE

Losing vision after Lasik 8 years ago. What are my options? (Photo)

Its been 8 years after lasik and i am losing eye vision drastically. After LASIK my vision came down to .25 on left and .50 on right, then normal... READ MORE

Born With Detached Retina. What are my Options?

Im 16 and I was born with a detached retina in my right eye can I get some kind of surgery to help me so I can see again? And if so how do I become a... READ MORE

My eyes are overcorrected with LASIK. What should I do?

I had my LASIK 20 days ago. Before LASIK I had LE: +6.50, RE: +6.00. After LASIK it is overcorreced to LE: -1.50, RE: -1.50. How is it happened? What... READ MORE

I have a +7.50 in both eyes. What options for surgery do I have?

I have a +7.50 in both eyes , I have worn contact lenses for a number of years without any problems, I would really like to get surgery , as I truly... READ MORE

Is it better for someone to have PRK for a LASIK enhancement if they developed dry eyes from the original LASIK surgery?

I had LASIK monovision surgery in 2004 when I was 49 years old. I am now 60, and my dominant eye (right) no longer sees distance well, and my left eye... READ MORE

I had Lasik surgery on Dec 13. After improvement the first few days everything is blurry. What do I need to do?

I am far sighted. There was great improvement the first few days, then my right eye became blurry. Now everything is blurry. I have been told it will... READ MORE

Treatment option for high myopia besides LASIK

I am 23 years lady. i have high myopia (-8.50 D ). Doctors say i have 'thin' cornea n my eye can't be corrected fully by LASIK (may be upto -3.00... READ MORE

Why do I keep having eye hemorrhage in both eyes 10 years after Lasik surgery? What can I do about this?

Please help!! I have seen 2 opthamologists about my sub conjunctival bleed in both eyes which is occuring every other day now. My bleeding profile is... READ MORE

Scheduled for lasik on 1/20/14. I have a thin corneas 501 on right and 499 on left. My degree is -250 on both eyes. Options?

I am scheduled for a lasik on 20th Jan 2014. I have a thin corneas 501 on right and 499 on left. My degree is -250 on both eyes. My doctor said I can... READ MORE

Eyes regressed after LASIK. Wear contacts or get enhancement done? Which one is safer?

Got lasik in 2008,RE -4.50,&LE -4.50 and -.75 astig. my no. regressed & hv problem adjsting vision wid glasses. power is RE -1& LE -.5 0bothastig.... READ MORE

What drops I can use for my eyes, if i had a lasic two years ago?

I had a lasic on my both eyes two years ago. I think I have got an infection now, please advise what drops I can or I can not use. Is there any of... READ MORE

Dry Eyes Cause Snow Vision?

I had Lasik about 2 mts ago. Since then I'm having some problems with dry eye and I'm on HYABAK using it every 2h. I've always noticed... READ MORE

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