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Can LASIK correct a 5.0 diopter astigmatism?

What are the limits of LASIK eye surgery concerning the correction of astigmatism?  READ MORE

How Can Lasik Side Effects Like Droopiness and Dryness Be Fixed?

I am a 27 year old female. i had a lasik surgery done 4 years ago and i've been experiencing side effect from it ever since,such as: dry eyes... READ MORE

Losing vision after Lasik 8 years ago. What are my options? (Photo)

Its been 8 years after lasik and i am losing eye vision drastically. After LASIK my vision came down to .25 on left and .50 on right, then normal... READ MORE

Wavelight Allegretto Vs. Nidek for Lasik?

I have the option of a good doctor (25,000 patients) using Wavelight Allegretto or another doctor with much more overall experience (45,000 patients)... READ MORE

What can be done if your lasik enhancement was over corrected?

I had lasik about a year and 2 months ago. 2 days ago I had an enhancement. Before the enhancement the female doctor did my exam thought both should... READ MORE

ASA, PRK, or LASIK, Which is Least Invasive?

I need to correct my vision to 20/20 or better. Right now I have 20/30- and 20/25 with slight astigmatism. I want to join French NAVY. But they dont... READ MORE

Floaters after LASIK. Is it true that they do not go away?

I just had lasik done 13 days ago and started seeing floaters in my left eye about 5 days post op. I called my surgeon and he said these are normal.... READ MORE

Born With Detached Retina. What are my Options?

Im 16 and I was born with a detached retina in my right eye can I get some kind of surgery to help me so I can see again? And if so how do I become a... READ MORE

My eyes are overcorrected with LASIK. What should I do?

I had my LASIK 20 days ago. Before LASIK I had LE: +6.50, RE: +6.00. After LASIK it is overcorreced to LE: -1.50, RE: -1.50. How is it happened? What... READ MORE

Is it better for someone to have PRK for a LASIK enhancement if they developed dry eyes from the original LASIK surgery?

I had LASIK monovision surgery in 2004 when I was 49 years old. I am now 60, and my dominant eye (right) no longer sees distance well, and my left eye... READ MORE

Is it ok to do LSD drug after eye lasik surgery?

I had a lasik yesterday, my friends and i are planinng to go on a vacation and want to try lsd, want to know does it harm my eyes to do lsd 3 or 4... READ MORE

I have a +7.50 in both eyes. What options for surgery do I have?

I have a +7.50 in both eyes , I have worn contact lenses for a number of years without any problems, I would really like to get surgery , as I truly... READ MORE

Post op LASIK blurriness, please help. Is this normal or is this clinic lying just to safeguard themselves?

I had custom wavefront LASIK on the 21st of November (10 days ago) I was able to look at my phone with absolute clarity, then six days after things... READ MORE

Why am I experiencing pain after LASIK surgery? It's been almost a year

Almost a year after LASIK surgery for several weeks upon awakening there's sharp eye pain and lately really blood red eyes. What do I do. I'm very worried READ MORE

Eyes regressed after LASIK. Wear contacts or get enhancement done? Which one is safer?

Got lasik in 2008,RE -4.50,&LE -4.50 and -.75 astig. my no. regressed & hv problem adjsting vision wid glasses. power is RE -1& LE -.5 0bothastig.... READ MORE

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