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Could I Get Myopia Back 6 Years After C Lasik?

I had C lasik done in 2005, have vision issues again it seems. I have difficulty in reading distant things. Vision is Blur for a distance.Please... READ MORE

PRK or Lasik for 8+ Myopia?

I'm looking at getting lasik or PRK performed. My script reads (sph, cyl, ax) (-8.75, +2, 085) and (-8.00, +3.00, 080). My first consultation was... READ MORE

Lasik Available for Severe Myopia +7.5 Both Eyes? I'm 35, Thanks.

Just wondering if there is any corrective procecure available to correct my vision. Approx +7.50 - +8.00 with astigmatism in one eye. Thanks READ MORE

Will Using Computer Further Blurred my Vision After Lasik It's Been Two Weeks? How Can I Have Faster Recovery of my Cornea?

My number for myopia is 7. Last Saturday, they took off the protective lens and now I normally don't feel pain. My vision is not clear but improved... READ MORE

LASIK Undercorrected Dominant Eye and Overcorrected the Other?

42 years old, had LASIK 6 weeks ago for myopia. Non-dominant eye was slightly overcorrected, about ~+0.25, the dominant eye is slightly... READ MORE

Can I have Lasik and still participate in contact sports?

Hello doctors, i'm going to do lasik treatment to correct my astigmatism and myopia but someone told me that lasik treatment will permanently weaken... READ MORE

Maximum Delay for Lasik Re-treatment

Greetings. I underwent lasik 18 months ago, for mediocre results. One eye was over-corrected (it was myopic and became hypermetropic), and the other... READ MORE

High Prescription Myopia -14D?

Hi I am 37 years old, my prescription is changing every year. Last year it did not change this year it changed. I am afraid I will go blind. Are there... READ MORE

I'm a high myope, 27yrs old. -8.00 and -10.00. My corneal thickness is 500. I was told LASIK will leave me with residual defect

I was told iol was my best option. I am worried about the risks of an open procedure.i m training to be a surgeon and I absolutely need my vision to... READ MORE

Femto Smile LASIK for corneal 470 mic?

I have myopia -6.75 degrees in eash eye and the corneal thickness is 470 m can i made the femto smile ???? READ MORE

Blurry eye after LASIK?

I had Lasik surgery about a month ago, I had Myopia, the recovery has been good and my doctor told me everything is healing correctly. I see perfect... READ MORE

LASIK enhancement

I had LASIK 2005 for myopia, both eyes. 6 years later my vision was getting bad again, I got offered LASEK enhancement. I did my right eye 2 years... READ MORE

If I Go Lasik, at Friday, Will I Be Able to Catch Up Lessons at Monday?

I have 2.25 myopia, thinking of lasik. Will I be able to see slides(distance: 6 meters to slideshow/ I cant see from 2 meters normally) on monday in... READ MORE

Blurry sight becomes perfect with tear drop after LASIK

I had Lasik a week ago. The consultation with the Ophtalmologist showed -0.25 on my left eye. Since day 2, I noticed that I couldn't easily read a... READ MORE

Had LASIK 13 Days Ago. Right Eye is Still Blurry. How Much Can Vision Change over Next 3-6 Months?

Had LASIK 13 days ago to fix minor myopia. But it was enough for me to want to get rid of my glasses. Left eye is now sharper than right for distance.... READ MORE

Is this considered overcorrection after LASIK for myopia?

I had LASIK 5 months ago. Was myopic. According to the machine they scan you on my prescription from the surgeon is OD: 0x-0.5, OS: +0.5x-0.5. But... READ MORE

High Myopia. Is There Any Cure/procedure ?

Hi,I'm a 26 yr old male with a case of high myopia. My number is -18 in both eyes. It was by birth and gradually got worse. My number was -7 at age 3.... READ MORE

1 Month After Lasik, Both my Eyes with Myopoia (Short-sightness) Come Back by More 100+ Degree?

1 month after Lasik, both my eyes with myopoia (short-sightness) come back by 100+ degree adding to the target (my target for left eye is 125 and 0... READ MORE

Daily headaches 6 months after LASIK.

I had LASIK 6 months ago. I had moderate myopia (-7) and astigmatism (2.5). Post-op RX OD: plano, 0.25. OS: -0.25, 0.25. I see well in bright outdoor... READ MORE

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