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Do I Have to Be Selective on Choosing Eye Medication After Lasik Surgery?

I had Lasik surgery on both eye three years ago, lately one of my eyes has the feeling of swollen , just like the time that i had infection. However,... READ MORE

I have blurring and halo after LASIK. Is this normal?

Hi, I have had lasik surgery and I am experiencing blurring and haziness after it. its been over 6 months and I am still having it. Can it be fixed by... READ MORE

What medicine would you recommend for halos and glare?

I have done LASIK on my eyes 10days ago and having serious glare issues.. Is there any medicine/ eye drop i can use? My doctor have prescribed me... READ MORE

I have swelling in one eye post-LASIK. The doctor tells me it will probably go away on its own. Is this accurate?

I had LASIK one week ago, and since then I have swelling in one eye. I see blurry, even though I was told I have 20/20 vision in both eyes. After 2... READ MORE

7 months of post-LASIK I experienced a blur in my right eye. Can a doctor explain to me more about epithelial ingrowth?

Finally seeing the doctor again, he said that I may have a case of epithelial ingrowth. He gave me new eyedrops called Dexamethasone which will... READ MORE

What is the future for LASIK surgery? Where will LASIK be in about 75 years from now? Will technology simply keep improving?

Like those battery powered razors by Gillette and Schick and those self cleaning shavers where technology seems to keep improving all the time... READ MORE

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