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1.5 years post op Lasik, my night vision is still bad and I see star bursting/ halos. Will I still see improvements?

I'm a 24 year old male who had custom wavefront lasik 1.5 years ago with prescription of 4.75 in both eyes (nearsighted). My night vision is still... READ MORE

Clarity of Vision After Lasik. Does Vision Keep Improving Over Time?

I am almost 4 weeks out from Lasik (intralase/allegretto) and was -8.00 in both eyes w/ some astigmatism. Compared to before, I should be grateful... READ MORE

2 months post op of Lasik, does eye exercise helps to improve sharpness in my vision?

I have no perfect sharpness in my vision even after 2 months from a lasik .im really worried about it,does it will continue through out my age ,is... READ MORE

Will my dry eyes at least get better or completely go away after lasik? I am six weeks post op.

I am using drops like refresh liquigel or celluvisc every 20 min. I use restatsis two times a day and use ointment at night. Also, I have my top... READ MORE

1 month after Lasik. Can vision still improve?

After one month of lasik . I cant read last line of reading board with left eye. Will it improve in coming time. READ MORE

I have glare, starbursts and blurry vision after Laser Lasik. Any suggestions?

I got laser lasik done 7 weeks ago, i had clear vision for first few days but then sharpness reduced, i thought it was due to eye drops but then i... READ MORE

Will my near view vision improve?

I had Lasik surgery done on the 3rd April 2015 for astigmatism with a low prescription for Short-sightedness.. 1 week after surgery I can see for... READ MORE

Blurry vision on left eye after Lasik. Can this be still the effects of the laser procedure?

I had lassr done to my eyes on the 6th March 2015, while the vision on the right eye was from the beggining accurate, the one on my left eye is still... READ MORE

I have blurry vision after Lasik. Will it improve?

I had lasik surgery on apr 19 for my both eyes at a time and having sight -1.5 for both eyes. Its been 10 days passed eventhough im having blurry long... READ MORE

Blurry vision and brightness difference in 1 eye after LASIK. Will it improve over time?

I had lasik before 70 days. My left eye vision is clear and I am having blurry vision in right eye(it is better when I sharply see for sometime) and... READ MORE

Will my distance vision improve over the next few weeks?

I recently had LASIK surgery on both eyes by a reputable doctor. I was farsighted prior to surgery and could not read without a high RX. I opted to go... READ MORE

Has there been any improvements in fixing starbursts?

I had LASIK in 1996, a present to myself for turning 40. I had a 4.5mm ablation zone that left me with severe starbursts at night. I had PRP in 2006... READ MORE

Improved eyesight years after LASIK?

Lasik done in 2009, vision before was 20/200 w/o corrective lenses (with corrective lenses 20/40 at the best) , vision after lasik was 20/35. Went to... READ MORE

Can vision keep improving if not 20/20 yet two weeks after LASIK?

I had monovision lasik two weeks ago tomorrow. I was not seeing 20/20 at my one week follow up which the surgeon said was due to a very dry right eye.... READ MORE

11 days after LASIK, blurry vision and hazy. Any suggestions?

11 days ago I've had an LASIK operation. My defect of vision was -7 Right eye, and -6,25 left eye. I've seen very sharp right after the operation, but... READ MORE

How long does it take to recover from lasik enhancement?

I had my original surgery 12 months ago and my enhancement 3 months ago. Since the enhancement my vision has been very poor with what I believe to be... READ MORE

Blurry vision.

I had lasik surgery 1 week ago.i can see clearly with right eye but still from left eye there is slightly blurry vision and watching halos from left... READ MORE

Will my vision continue to improve after LASIK? Scared I will have to suffer for 3 months before I can have the enhancement

Hello I had the intralase proceedure 9 days ago and my surgeon says it was a success. I have went to my 1 and5 day follow up appointments and my left... READ MORE

Lasik on left eye - after 3 months eye sight improved but not fully - do I need more?

I used to wear glasses ..could not see distant objects clearly .. Then I decided to go for lasik April 23 right eye was done and Dr. Could not take... READ MORE

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