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Lasik Eye Surgery While Breastfeeding

I am a breastfeeding mom who considers lasik eye surgery. I know that vision can change during pregnancy, but does the same apply to breastfeeding? Is... READ MORE

Vision Correction Options for High Hyperopia and Some Astigmatism?

I'm a 23 year old female with a glasses prescription of +600 / -025 x 15 and +750 / -175 x 168. My vision is something that has affected me my whole... READ MORE

Lasik and Menopause

1'm 46, menopausal, have had 30 yrs of contacts, have thick corneas (-7,-8) While I'm scheduled for surgery soon, I'm afraid. Will I have... READ MORE

Is Intralase Femtosecond Bladefree Lasik Safest for Dry Eyes?

I am 25,indian female,nearsighted since was 6.My refractive powers- left eye: myopic=-10.5 astigmatism= -2.5*170 axis.Right eye: myopic -5.5... READ MORE

Lasik 4 Years Ago and Now Perimenopausal and Experiencing Burning Dry Eyes?

I am a 48 year old female and had lasik eye surgery 4 years ago. After the lasik eye surgery I had to use drops however no significant eye dryness... READ MORE

Severe daily headaches (occipital) with motion-driving, riding train, since January. No recent trauma.

Female-52-bx: LASIK '2011, PRK 6/14, Left cataract not yet ready for surgery. Increased myopia, blurred vision. Evaluated for vertigo-negative. Eye... READ MORE

I'm a 45yr old female & vision had gotten slightly worse every year since 16. Can I get LASIK if my vision is still changing?

. It has not yet stabilized. I'm not sure of my glasses prescription but for my contacts, I wear a 7.5 in my left eye and have a slight astigmatism... READ MORE

Treatment option for high myopia besides LASIK

I am 23 years lady. i have high myopia (-8.50 D ). Doctors say i have 'thin' cornea n my eye can't be corrected fully by LASIK (may be upto -3.00... READ MORE

What option is best for me, I am starting a new job, and need to have at least 20/200 vision without glasses or contacts?

It is a lifeguarding job so I will be in water constantly, (salt water.) I am 21 years old female, but don't know if my sight has been stable as have... READ MORE

Enhancement or not?

Hi, I am a 35 year-old female. I had a corrective surgery (both eyes) done in 2004. However, now, I have a 20/20 vision in my right eye, but 20/40 in... READ MORE

I am female, my age 23, my vision is so poor, would I benefit from LASIK surgery? (Photo)

Hello sir. I can't see persons above 5 Meyers, I can't see my face in mirror with out spets. I heard from my friends that by lesic surgery my... READ MORE

Is this normal? Does the recovery time take much time when you have a wrinkled cornea? Why am I not seeing clearly?

Dear Doctor I'm a 21 years old girl I have had Myopia and Astigmatism in both eyes since the age of 6 and i have been wearing glasses ever since I... READ MORE

Best Eye Surgery for Me - 41 Yo Female?

I have -5.0 Rx. my cornea thickness is around 550-560. I have flat corneas (K around 42). I think my Pupils are 4.7mm? What type of procedure would... READ MORE

Does LASIK using a 90 micrometer flap on thin corneas present particular risks?

I am a 48, female and have corneal thickness of 483 and 490 prescription, r sph-3, cyl -350, 20 axis, left -2.25 sph, cyl -3.75, 152 axis. At free... READ MORE

I worried about having femtolasik surgery. Do u recommend me to have the surgery now or postpone it ?

Hello doctors, I'm 20 years old female , I'd to have femtolasik surgery , I'm in med school and I will have to study alot next , and will pass through... READ MORE

How do I know what type of lasik treatment I received? Doctor being evasive when asked. (photos)

I need to know if the procedure I got is the one he recommended for his top choice after my exam. Top choice for me was Idesign wavefront guided. My... READ MORE

Is Ocular Herpes a contradiction if it hasn't spread to the cornea?

Hello, I have gotten cold sores since I was a child. Within the past two years or so, I have started getting herpetic sores on my eyelids or the... READ MORE

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