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LASIK and Farsightedness

Hello! I'm 25 years old, was born farsighted and currently wearing +4.5 diopter eyeglasses. Lately I was suffering from various symptoms due to... READ MORE

42 and +5 Hyperopia - What Are my Options?

I've been farsighted since my teens. I started in the 2-3 Diopter range as a teen, and now I am +3.75 in my dominant eye and +5.00 in my... READ MORE

Vision Correction Options for High Hyperopia and Some Astigmatism?

I'm a 23 year old female with a glasses prescription of +600 / -025 x 15 and +750 / -175 x 168. My vision is something that has affected me my whole... READ MORE

Lasik Surgery for High Farsightedness?

I am 48 and considering wave-front lasik surgery to correct my farsightedness.I currently wear progressive glasses at +4.25. I have a lot of cornea... READ MORE

Decent Distance Vision but Poor Close Vision with Monovision Surgery?

Ten days ago I had Wavefront Lasik on both eyes. I opted for Monovision. My distance vision is fine but my reading vision is useless (for reading). I... READ MORE

Reversed Vision After Lasik?

I'm 49 yrs old. Before my lasik I can see close without glasses and need glasses to see far. After my lasik this was reversed. Now I can see far... READ MORE

Concerned about blurry vision up close and sometimes even far away after Lasik surgery 4 weeks ago. Any suggestion?

I had Lasik vision correction on 2/13/15 (just over 4 weeks ago) for farsightedness and astigmatism. The first few days after surgery were the... READ MORE

Complex Eye Prescription - Treatment Options?

My eye prescription is complex - extremely high astigmatism and long-sightedness. I get fatigued, daily headaches, an inability to focus properly, and... READ MORE

I have a very high level of farsightedness (+9 in my left eye, +8 in my right eye) as well as astigmatism. Can I get LASIK?

Is it possible for me to have the surgery to at least drastically reduce my level of eye care needed? I received a LASIK screening and the doctor... READ MORE

Re Blurry Eyes After Lasik?

I am far sighted... i am so worrried over my vision.. pls help i had lasik four days ago.. car and street lights look blurry and at home the lights... READ MORE

Is it possible to have LASIK for farsightedness after having LASIK twice for nearsightedness? I had LASIK in 1998 then 2005.

I need reading glasses now...1.75 I hate having to find my glasses for everything! I went to eye dr to see about getting one contact, but because of... READ MORE

I underwent LASIK on one of my eye (other is due) but near sight vision has become blurry, will it get better or stay permanent?

I underwent laser eye surgery 13 years ago, to ameliorate farsightedness, nearsightedness has always been perfect. The newly operated (LASIK 2 weeks... READ MORE

How long for farsightedness to become clearer with higher prescription?

I got lasik done 6 days back (I know it's still quite early & I'm being impatient but am worried). My prescription being 6.5-7 I understand it might... READ MORE

Would I be able to qualify to get LASIK corrective surgery?

I have slight strabismis exotropia in one eye, slight near sighted in one eye, slight farsighted in the other. Would I be able to get lasik surgery or... READ MORE

LASIK Surgery Sept 2002. Now I am farsighted. Is this common?

Pre-lasik right eye -14 and left eye -11. had 20/20 vision until last year. Now need +3.0 readers and +1.75 to live. Will I lose my vision? READ MORE

LASIK surgery for farsightedness. Is reasonable to expect a better vision than the current wearing glasses?

I'm 35 years old, using constantly +2.75 glasses for more than 10 years. I have real problems focusing on close objects or small and medium fonts... READ MORE

Lasik and Eyelid Laser Resurfacing at Same Time?

Hi I'm 26 years old, i have droopy eyelid heredity. I am also farsighted so my question is that if can to Lasik and laser eyelid resurfacing both at... READ MORE

5 months post LASIK ghosting. Any suggestions?

I'm now 5 months post op for lasik. I have bad ghosting in both eyes but I noticed that when I tilt my head back and look through the "bottom" of my... READ MORE

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