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How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

What is an appropriate price range should be per eye, for a safe LASIK procedure? READ MORE

lifetime enhancement warranty

My husband is considering LASIK surgery, and the doctor we went to quoted us a price for the surgery, and also the surgery with a 1 year, 5 year, and... READ MORE

What's the Catch with Lasik for $599/eye?

Are the low priced deals too good to be true? READ MORE

Is Lasik Surgery a Good Investment?

I was comparing costs of contacts, glasses and LASIK. In my situation the bifocals and frames with coated lenses are quite expensive. I understand... READ MORE

Average cost for epithelial ingrowth treatment?

I cannot find any information about the cost of surgery to remove epithelial ingrowth but I am very concerned since I have read a few horror stories... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Lasik?

I went for a consult today and they said I was a candidate but I wanted some objective opinions. My prescription is like -2.5, -2 on the right and... READ MORE

Am I eligible for laser treatment. Now I am 18 years old. Can you tell me the cost of treatment? (photo)

Is there any side affects by doing a lasers treatment actually I have a long sight I can't visible clearly which is at far from me..and I am wareing a... READ MORE

Price and Type of Treatment?

I am 36 years old male. I work in NY and live in NJ. I recently visited the Laser eye Center in Manhattan. I found them very pricey. However, I dont... READ MORE

My brother flew to japan and received Lasik for under $900. Why so expensive here?

I'm surprised on how much ypu spend on each eye 2000 - 4000 for 2-3 minutes of work is a joke. Fly to japan = 1000k surgery and 1 year reassurance... READ MORE

Is it normal to see worse in dim/dark light after LASIK? (Visual acuity-I'm not talking about halos or starbursts, or glare)

Pre op RX -2.00 left, -1.75 right. I received LASIK 3 months ago (1/26/2015), and my postoperative RX is -.29 in my left and +.13 in my right eye. I... READ MORE


I had ICL about 6 years ago in my left eye i have astigmatism, in few months it starts getting little bad but not like before .. right now I return... READ MORE

Looking for Lasik post-op consultation in Perth. Any suggestions?

I got lasik surgery in Bangkok 2 1/2month ago. It looks fine so far though my eyes still feels pretty dry. Now I am back home, I need to have a 3... READ MORE

LASIK eye surgery. What would be the average cost?

I am thinking about having Lasik eye surgery.I have been to a well known high street opticians for a free consultation and a very indepth test to see... READ MORE

I am a -2.25 in both eyes with light astigmatism in both eyes. Corneal thickness is 526 and 537 on both my eyes. Is that good?

Is that a very good thickness or just good? Doctor recomends Lasik for me. Is the extra cost for wavefront with the latest flapless technology with... READ MORE

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