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Lasik with Corneal Scar?

I have a corneal scar on my right eye due to a pseudomonas ulcer I had a month ago. I've told it is deep but is not close to the center of cornea... READ MORE

Can I Do Lasik? My Cornea Thickness is 490 -488 Micron?

I decide to make lasik on both eyes doctor said everything is good except my cornea thikness was right eye 490 micron - left eye 488 micron can i make... READ MORE

Are My Corneas Too Thin For Lasik?

I have 564 and 562 micron corneas +1.75 Lt +1.75 rt astigmatism yes of course. how thin is to thin for lasik which I would prefer over PRK. I would... READ MORE

How Corneal Flap heal after Lasik?

How does corneal flap heals after Lasik? Does it heal only at the edges or the entire flap under surface heals and attaches itself back to the treated... READ MORE

Thin Scar on My Cornea?

Hi, I have a scar in the center of my cornea (right eye only). I sometime wonder how soon does a cornea scar heal especially when it's not thick (a... READ MORE

Post LASIK corneal flap dislocated and wrinkled twice! Thoughts on how to proceed?

The day after LASIK surgery the flap in my left eye dislocated and wrinkled and so my doctor had to re-position it. Two days later I had the same... READ MORE

How do I safely remove eye makeup after Lasik?

I had my Lasik procedure exactly one week ago and I understand that it is now safe to begin wearing eye makeup again. However, I'm really concerned... READ MORE

What is the Ideal Corneal Thickness for -7.5 Prescription?

I am 28 and my prescription is -7 and -7.5 , after 2 days of not wearing contact lenses my cornea thickness was 490, I re checked after taking... READ MORE

Will Lasik Lead to Corneal Transplant?

Is it true that after Lasik/ PRK a patient is in very high risk of corneal transplant years after the procedure? There are stories of corneal... READ MORE

3 Worst Lasik Complications

May people seem fearful of lasik and wonder what's the worst potential outcome. Is it true that one bad complication could be a irreversibly scarred... READ MORE

I Have A Thin Cornea, and Diagnosed With Ankylosing Spondylitis. Lasik/PRK or Problems to Be Aware Of?

I have been advised that I have a thin cornea size of 478 microns. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. My contact lens... READ MORE

Can LASIK or PRK Performed for Thin Cornea? I Have Corneal Thickness of 493 and 496. I'm Wearing Contact Lens for Past 6 Years.

Can LASIK or PRK performed for thin cornea?I have corneal thickness of 493 and 496. I'm wearing contact lens for past 6 years.I discontinued wearning... READ MORE

Corneal Thinning and Lasik?

Keratoconus (a serious disease) is caused by thinning of the central cornea. Lasik (refractive surgery) thins the central part of the cornea. Don't... READ MORE

Lasik on Scarred Cornea

I had a bacterial keratitis 4 months back which left small scar on my rt cornea. Vision is 6/6,power -6,thickness 526. Kindly conferm any surgery to... READ MORE

Is There A Way To Remove A Corneal Scar From My Eye?

I had a corneal ulcer back in 2006. The corneal ulcer left a scar right under my cornea on my left eye. I know, I was very lucky. However, the scar is... READ MORE

Is the Orbscan or Pentacam More Accurate for Determining if I'm a Good Candidate for LASIK?

I've been to 2 LASIK consultations. Both said that my corneas were thick. One surgeon used a Pentacam and said that I'm an excellent candidate for... READ MORE

Does the corneal flap heal with LASIK? Can you cite source?

I read the corneal flap never heals, but then i also read it heals with weaker scar tissue.Is anything people developed in the near future to force... READ MORE

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