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Risk In Wearing Contacts Before LASIK Surgery?

I have gone for my Lasik consultation were they checked my eyes. I did not wear my contacts for two weeks and came back to have them dilated and... READ MORE

Wearing Contact Lenses for Short Time Before Lasik?

I am considering Lasik and am going to make an appointment for a consultation this week.My question is, I have not worn contacts for months but wore... READ MORE

Can I Stil Get Lasik if I've Abused Contact Lens Wear in the Past?

I admit that I am a contact lens abuser. For many years I have slept in them and my doctor has told me my eyes have been deprived of oxygen and I now... READ MORE

Taking Contacts out 24 Hours Before Lasik Surgery, Too Soon?

I had an evaluation to see if I am a Lasik candidate yesterday. They instructed me to take my contacts out for 24 hours before the appointment. They... READ MORE

How Long to Wait for Lasik Surgery Without Wearing Hard Lenses?

How long do I need to go without wearing my hard lenses before having lasik surgery? READ MORE

Lasik and Eye Allergy. Can I Get Lasik While I'm On Eyedrops?

I've been wearing lenses for 10 years( that never hurt me) and i got allergic conjunctivitis for 7 days i'm now on patanol and steroid and my... READ MORE

Can I wear colored contact lenses after Laser eye vision correction?

I had Lasik 2 months ago, I was wondering when is it safe to wear coloured lenses? I know I have to get fitted again but will I be able to wear the... READ MORE

LASIK and Sensivity to Contact Lenses

Hello, I have weared contact lenses for years, until my left eye developed a chronic sensitivity towards contact lenses. I have tried various kinds of... READ MORE

LASIK Over-Corrected me to .75 and .50. Should I get an enhancement, glasses or contacts?

Before the surgery I was -3.5 in both eyes. It's been 2 months and I'm still .75/.50. Now my close up and intermediate vision is terrible. Should I... READ MORE

Why can you wear contact lenses prior to eye exam but not prior to Lasik?

If you're not supposed to wear contact lenses prior to having LASIK surgery, shouldn't the same thing apply to your regular eye exam? I would think... READ MORE

Wearing Contacts Prior to LASIK - Non-regular Contact Wearer

I have LASIK scheduled for Thursday this week. I found the instructions and read them over and caught the part about not wearing contacts. I have worn... READ MORE

Wear Soft Contacts Before Lasik?

I've Worn RGP Contacts for over 10 Years.  I've been told that I would have to wear glasses for 6 weeks or more before I could have LASIK... READ MORE

Lasik Vs Prk on High Prescription (-9) and Borderline Cornea (548 Microns)?

I've had 2 opinions for my -9 prescription and 548 corneas. Which would be a better procedure for me - Lasik or PRK? One doc recommended PRK and the... READ MORE

I have a +7.50 in both eyes. What options for surgery do I have?

I have a +7.50 in both eyes , I have worn contact lenses for a number of years without any problems, I would really like to get surgery , as I truly... READ MORE

Can I wear cosmetic contact lenses after Lasik?

If I'll go to have a Lasik eyes corrections, in the future I will be able to wear cosmetical contact lenses on the occasions ? and if yes, after how... READ MORE

I Am Considering LASIK to Treat Astigmatism Using the IntraLase Method?

I often sleep in my contacts and am concerned with how that will effect the readiness of my eyes for the procedure. READ MORE

Eyes regressed after LASIK. Wear contacts or get enhancement done? Which one is safer?

Got lasik in 2008,RE -4.50,&LE -4.50 and -.75 astig. my no. regressed & hv problem adjsting vision wid glasses. power is RE -1& LE -.5 0bothastig.... READ MORE

9 years post op of Lasik, how many enhancements can be done after surgery?

I had lasik surgery on both eyes about 9 years ago. I had an enhancement both eyes about 8 years ago. I was told 7 years ago I could not have another... READ MORE

Will I be able to get LASIK with a scar on my cornea?

I have a scar on my eye from a corneal abrasion from 6.5 years ago. I was told initially that I probably couldnt get LASIK. I don't think it's deep... READ MORE

How long will it take for my night vision to improve and if not to go contacts really help with the issue?

4 months post op custom lasik. I haven't seen any improvement in halos/starburst. I see them during the day but are debilitating at night.alphagan eye... READ MORE

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