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Lasik Doctor Consultation

Have a lasik appointment and need help on what to ask the lasik doc! READ MORE

Can You Schedule a Lasik Consult and then the Procedure the Following Day?

I was just wondering if it was possible to schedule a consultation one day and then the following day have the procedure done? I am driving about two... READ MORE

Wearing Contacts Before Consultation?

I've been calling around to schedule a consultation for LASIK. Some offices require that contacts not be worn for 8 days before the consultation,... READ MORE

One Recommended PRK, One Lasik?

I went to two consultations for Lasik and both doctors have different opinions. One recommended PRK and one recommended Lasik. How do I know which one... READ MORE

I have -5.75 in both eyes with a cornea that is 475. ICL, LASEK, or PRK?

I have been to two consultations with one doctor telling me that I should only have ICL, which is very expensive and another telling me to get PRK,... READ MORE

I just had two different LASIK assessments with different outcomes, what should I do?

I just had my LASIK eligibility assessment at 2 different eye centre in my country with different outcome. One of the doctor said my eyes is perfectly... READ MORE

Eye drops during LASIK consultation causing irritation

My mother went to a doctor today to see if she is eligible for the LASIK procedure. She is and will go on Friday to get it done. They put eyedrops on... READ MORE

Which laser operative procedure do I have to go if my corneal thickness is 460 microns? No other problems for me

I have got 2 consultations regarding doing lasik .my corneal thickness is 460 microns they asked me to go for ICL . but it is costly. Is there any... READ MORE

If you have worn contacts for a long period of time should your vision be retested just prior to surgery? (photo)

I had Lasik surgery on May 14th. During my initial consultation I was told that I have very dry eyes. I was told to leave my contacts out for 2 weeks,... READ MORE

I have a high prescription, low end of cornea thickens, and I have iritis. Which option is best for me?

I have had three consultations with two different answers. I have a corneal thickness of 505/515 and a prescription of -9.75, -10. One doctor said I... READ MORE

How early is too early for a LASIK consultation?

I want to get LASIK done next year (2017), using FSA money which I have to allocate on November 1 this year. It's May right now, if I go and get... READ MORE

Looking for Lasik post-op consultation in Perth. Any suggestions?

I got lasik surgery in Bangkok 2 1/2month ago. It looks fine so far though my eyes still feels pretty dry. Now I am back home, I need to have a 3... READ MORE

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