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Dry Eye Causing Light Sensitivity After Lasik?

Had custom lasik 4 wks ago and am experiencing terrible dry eye, light sensitivity, and daytime glare. Is dry eye causing this? The light sensitivity... READ MORE

Daytime Glare and Double Vision After Lasik

I had Lasik surgery March 3rd. My vision is now 20/20 in both eyes. Since surgery I have c/o glare and double vision in my R eye. My issues have... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-op Lasik with Inflammation?

Hello, Had bladeless Lasik with CustomVue done on 5/15, procedure went well. On 5/16 I was seeing 20/20 from both eyes. Now almost 2 weeks later, I'm... READ MORE

I'm 3 wks po lasik, with dry eyes when exposed to fan/eye muscle exercise, pain from light. Why is this and when will it stop?

1) When i wear antiglairs, they get comfortable out of light exposure pain. 2) I apply eyemist gel in eye before sleeping. Still exposure to fan make... READ MORE

Chemosis that is not going away.

I had lasik 4 months ago. A month after the surgery, I developed a chemosis on both eyes. I can close my eyes without problem. It's still here after 3... READ MORE

Why do I keep having eye hemorrhage in both eyes 10 years after Lasik surgery? What can I do about this?

Please help!! I have seen 2 opthamologists about my sub conjunctival bleed in both eyes which is occuring every other day now. My bleeding profile is... READ MORE

LASIK Induced Astigmatism. Why did this happen?

Had LASIK done using wavefront technology. Prior to surgery was close to -6 both eyes. 2 weeks after my vision is very blurry: -0.75 right eye, -0.5... READ MORE

Clear vision after sleeping, blurry after 15 mins and the rest of the day. What could this be?

Had LASIK 5/1 and had an abrasion on left eye which was noticed at 1 day post op. Got a bandage lens on it and removed a week later. At 7 day post op... READ MORE

Eyesight weakness after LASIK surgery. Why is this happening?

I had my femto lasik in last year my eyesight remained good for 01 year but now again i am having head aches and eye aight weekness. Why is this... READ MORE

Daily headaches 6 months after LASIK.

I had LASIK 6 months ago. I had moderate myopia (-7) and astigmatism (2.5). Post-op RX OD: plano, 0.25. OS: -0.25, 0.25. I see well in bright outdoor... READ MORE

Day/night glare and double vision after LASIK

I have floaters and minor glare (day/night) immediately after Lasik in 2005 for both eye (10 years back).In year 2013, visit ophthalmologist for check... READ MORE

Eyes want to go crosseyed/double vision mode when focusing for long periods of time after LASIK.

Had lasik surgery 10 months ago. 20/20 both eyes. Got floaters especially in right eye afterward. Right eye has taken longer to heal. Biggest concern-... READ MORE

Had LASIK 1 month ago. Redness is still making tensed, itching morning eye pain. What is it? (Photo)

I had lasik 1 month before,used blade for falp making. A week later left eye got redness and itching even pain in the morning and redness used to be... READ MORE

Is it normal to have computer light sensitivity after Lasik?

Few years ago I had a Lasik surgery and after few months my eyes became very sensitive when watching computer or TV screens. What can I do about this... READ MORE

Red eye 2 months post-op. What is the cause? Should it be treated sooner? (Photo)

I am 2 months post-up Lasik surgery. My right eye has been red since last Friday, with 2 eye lashes found and easily removed on Tuesday. I have an... READ MORE

2 months after LASIK my right eye has become a bit sticky when I close and open my eye. Why is this?

I got done custom LASIK 2 months ago to correct my eye site for both eyes. Since last 10 days my right eye become little bit sticky. While close and... READ MORE

2 years post-op Lasik: It hurts my eyes looking at the computer after few times

I have done lasik 2 years ago. Now a days I cannot tolerate lights of computer or mobile after a few minutes of starting the device. what may cause of... READ MORE

Is RK post-LASIK a good touch-up option?

I am 53 weeks post-LASIK in both eyes. My prescription in my weaker eye was over -7. My vision has now stabilized to where my surgeon wants to perform... READ MORE

I had LASIK about 3 years ago for distance. I still use reading glasses

I am having issues with the distance now where things are blurry and i am starting to squint sometimes is this something I should be concerned about,... READ MORE

Can wrong eye surgery cause my ghosting/double vision? I don't get to see the actual surgeon again so I can't ask him

I am 9 months post custom wavefront lasik. I have significant ghosting and double vision that is getting worse instead of better, however my acuity is... READ MORE

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