Cataract + LASIK

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Headaches and blurred vision after Lasik enhancement. What can I do?

Hello, I had my initial Lasik surgery 5 yrs ago. I recently had a Lasik "Enhancement" done in June, 2014. My surgeon didn't explain to me that he... READ MORE

Vision After Cataract Surgery?

I am 60 and I was told that I could have my cataracts done by a specialist that I have been seeing in London. After cataract surgery, does vision... READ MORE

Lasik Possible Post Cataract Surgery?

I had cataract surgery, however i was not corrected to 20/20 due to the dr inserting the incorrect lens. Can lasik surgery correct the vision of the... READ MORE

Post Cataract Op - Black Spot on Iris?

I know 4 people who have had cataract surgery. All four now have a black long mark on their iris. Is this normal? I am about to have mine done this... READ MORE

I have high myopia left eye -7.50 right eye -10.75 . Should I just have cataract surgery and not lasik too?

I also have graves disease since 2001 so my eyes are slightly bulging. I developed dry eye in 2006 and use artificial tear drops. I now have cataracts... READ MORE

Can I get Lasik if I've had Cataract surgery?

Hi. Im a 50 yer old male and I'm thinking about getting lasik done.. I had my cataracts replaced in my 20s READ MORE

I'm suffering from cataract after LASIK operation. Is this normal?

13 Year back my both eye operated for lasik surgery now i am suffering from cataract problem is it possible after surgery we suffer this problem in... READ MORE

Cataracts arising post-LASIK surgery. Any suggestions?

I recently has LASIK surgery. My consultant did not inform me that cataract surgery is more complicated for a person who has previously had LASIK or... READ MORE

LASIK reduced my night vision about 9 years ago so I dont qualify for the cataract lens I want. Can my nightvision be enhanced?

About 9 years ago I had lasik and it reduced my night vision. It was noticeable but it really only caused me real problems when I would be in a very... READ MORE

The second Lasik is safe?

I had a Lasik about 11 years ago, and now getting -1.75 on each eye for distance. I have been suggested by PRK, but I need to know if I go through... READ MORE

I had detached retina and cataract surgery which ended up with keloid over retina. What treatment should I now do?

Then I had a retina peel but once again keloid developed. My eyesight is severely affected. What treatment should I now do? This is my left eye... READ MORE

LASIK suggestion for 73 years with Dry AMD in one eye?

Good day, My father is 73. Undergone cataract on both eyes 2 years back. Had Dry AMD on right eye. Right eye also have a spot at the center.he can see... READ MORE

Will this ever stop?

I have intermitent "fog" over the eye i had cataract surgery on then laser surgery . This "fog" comes and goes. READ MORE

I had cataract surgery 2 months ago. Which enhancement is better Lasik or PRK?

My vision is worse than before the surgery. Which enhancement is better? Are these two the same thing - Lasek and PRK? How long should I wait... READ MORE

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