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Blurry Left Eye After Lasik?

Have you experienced a change in your vision after Lasik? My left eye is blurry and I am wondering if this will change. READ MORE

Redness and Blurred Vision After Lasik Eye Surgery

I had Lasik Eye Surgery done around two weeks ago, and I've been really worried about the amount of redness in my right eye. I have perfect vision on... READ MORE

Blurred Vision After Second Lasik?

My sister did lasik eye surgery second time after 10 years for her left eye as she was having blurred vision (distant no.) However, after the second... READ MORE

My near vision is clearer after LASIK, but my distant vision isn't as good as I thought it would be. Will it improve over time?

I had lasik last Friday (9days ago) in N. Ireland. my near vision is clearer but my distant vision isn't as good as I thought it would be. I... READ MORE

I had LASIK surgery a week ago and my vision is still blurry

I had lasik surgery a week ago. I did mono vision correction. Right now none of my vision is clear. Not reading and not far and driving at night is... READ MORE

3 weeks after LASIK; they have a machine that says my eyes are 20/20 but my left eye is still blurry. Should I believe them?

I had lasik surgery on both eyes 3.5 weeks ago -astigmatism on both eyes + myopia on the left What worries me is that the vision on the left eye is... READ MORE

Post-op Lasik surgery

I just had Lasik surgery on both eyes four days ago. The dominant left eye is 20/15 and crystal clear. However, the right eye is 20/25 and blurry. I'm... READ MORE

What happens if I have to have my eye scraped? How long should I wait?

I had Lasik 2 weeks ago tomorrow. My dr noticed a spot under my flap that she is concerned about and said we may have to get it scraped. It is not... READ MORE

I had lasik surgery 6 weeks ago, I have developed a rough spot on one eye, which causes a film like feeling and extreme blur.

Will a rough spot on the eye 6 weeks post lasik resolve itself after use of antibiotics and steroids. It is quite bothersome and annoying. Everything... READ MORE

Had LASIK 13 Days Ago. Right Eye is Still Blurry. How Much Can Vision Change over Next 3-6 Months?

Had LASIK 13 days ago to fix minor myopia. But it was enough for me to want to get rid of my glasses. Left eye is now sharper than right for distance.... READ MORE

6 Days Post LASIK Vision Not Clear, Too Early to Tell? (photo)

I had LASIK done 08-08-13. I was -8.75 in my left and -8.50 in my right. My vision was pretty good on the first day but doesn't seem to have improved... READ MORE

One month after LASIK, right eye feels blurry. I feel like my eyes are getting worse.

I had Lasik Custom Wavefront one month ago. And my right eye is blurry and now the power is -1.25. Will it decrease over time? And will using computer... READ MORE

3 months after lasik right eye still blurry was told it was too dry for flap to heal and adhere to eye?

Is this possible how do I help this? It has been 3 months coming on four last visit I was told that I need to use gel drops for my eye but this does... READ MORE

Problems after lasik - lazy eye.

I had lazik on both eyes In May 2015. Enhancement on Left eye on Dec. 2015 Left eye had cell growth and it was cleaned shortly after the first... READ MORE

One eye blurry 10 months after ASA laser eye surgery

I got laser eye surgery in February 2016, but because of how thin my corneas already were, i had to get ASA surgery. About 3 weeks ago I started to... READ MORE

Has my LASIK healing process altered after sleeping on my protective eye goggle?

I was supposed to wear the nighttime goggles 7 nights and on my 6th night I slept heavily on my right side and woke up with a very tiny new red spot... READ MORE

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