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How strong is the bond between the stromal bed and conreal flap created by intralasik (bladeless) surgery?

I've read that the corneal flap does not ever heal, in the sense that the incision will never close, due to the lack of blood vessels. This troubles... READ MORE

Is it normal to have Blurry night vision/fluctuating day vision 3 months post op?

I had blade less LASIK (allegreto wave q) 3 months ago and one of my eyes has mild fluctuations during the day, but gets much worse in dim or dark... READ MORE

Blurry vision 2 weeks after bladeless lasik only in left eye.

Had lasik 2 weeks ago today and left eye is still blurry. Had checkups and he didnt seem to worried or offer any comfort that this is normal. He said... READ MORE

I am considering Lasik. I have 498 and 506 micron corneas are they thick enough?

I am almost 40 yrs and have -2.0 in both eyes. They have been stable at -2.0 for 3 years. Had initial evaluation and told my corneas are borderline.... READ MORE

Had Bladelss LASIK 5 Weeks Ago. Right Eye Still Very Dry. Will It Go Away?

Had bladeless LASIK 5 weeks ago. Have a punctal plug in right eye. Taking omega 3 fish oil, using hot compresses, using preservative free drops, and... READ MORE

What is the likelihood of developing Ectasia years after lasik (bladeless) refractive surgery?

I had custom refractive surgery done 2 weeks ago. My vision is fine, and I am not experiencing any sort of complication. However, I'm very regretful... READ MORE

I am returning 4 days post -op to reopen and rinse out my flap due to debris under the flap. Is this the same as DLK?

I am four days post-op from bladeless wavefront lasik surgery, and am returning today after a concerned appointment I made yesterday of cloudy vision,... READ MORE

Can I have a lasix enhancement or do I need to do PRK or maybe just contacts and glasses?

I got bladess lasix surgery 11 years with great results and no real issues. I've noticed a gradual regression in my right eye for a few months but... READ MORE

Blade less LASIK. Nine months later, right eye blurry with night blurriness/halos

I was -7.25 left/ -7.50 right eye preop. Now I notice my right eye is blurry. For example, can't read my digital clock from six feet away. I can't see... READ MORE

What is Bladeless LASIK?

How does Bladeless LASIK Work? READ MORE

Rainbows around nearby Light after Femto based blade free LASIK surgery. Is it normal?

I underwent Femto based blade free LASIK Surgery on 16th Oct,2015. For the first 2 days I didn't see any rainbows around lights, but suddenly from... READ MORE

Will my dryness ever go away?

I had "bladeless" lasik almost two years ago. I am on restasis, was using systane but switched to retaine per my docs recommendation, am taking 2-3... READ MORE

Is it safe to have an enhancement for high overcorrection after 2 weeks?

I am 30 and had Femto-Lasik surgery 2 weeks ago to correct high myopia -10 on both eyes. I am now overcorrected +3 on both eyes (the overcorrection... READ MORE

Clear 20/20 distance vision the day after surgery, now close vision perfect - distance blurry?

I had bladeless Lasik two days ago, I am 55. On my follow up visit the day after surgery my vision was 20/20 both eyes. My distance vision was crystal... READ MORE

"Blurred Vision" and "the vision is not sharp" what's the difference?

I am having blurred vision(maybe) even after 2 months of my bladefree LASIK. Last time nearly a month ago when I consulted my surgeon he said... READ MORE

Continuous Hazy Vision Even After Drops?

I was -7.50 in both eyes and had bladeless LASIK 3 days ago. My haziness has been continuous all day since then and I was 20/30 and 20/15 the morning... READ MORE

I have been advised to do an enhancement. What are the risks/complications of it? Will the vision be perfect post enhancement?

Pre-op power was -6D in both eyes Post-op power is -1.75D in both eyes Femto bladeless lasik done 18 months ago READ MORE

Double vision and Haziness 1 week post Bladeless LASIK

I had LASIK done one week ago and have visited with the doctor twice since then. I have seen little to any improvement in my vision since the first... READ MORE

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