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Is 63 Too Old and is It Safe to Get LASIK? (photo)

Just noticed an online offer starting at $300/eye by the Lasik Eye Institute I am about to spend another $1000 for several new glasses and was looking... READ MORE

Is it better for someone to have PRK for a LASIK enhancement if they developed dry eyes from the original LASIK surgery?

I had LASIK monovision surgery in 2004 when I was 49 years old. I am now 60, and my dominant eye (right) no longer sees distance well, and my left eye... READ MORE

Is LASIK Safe or Helpful 15yrs After PK Eye Correction? (photo)

I had PK surgery - which leaves cuts in your eye- for vision correction when age 49. Now 15yrs later due to aging and astigmatism., I am wearing... READ MORE

Age 56, got my LASIK surgery 3 days ago. Worried about blurry and unfocused vision for distanced objects. What to expect?

Surgery went well and first 6hours took me to get my vision cleared up for near objects but the far vision is not well. Visited the surgeon again and... READ MORE

Old age failure curable with Lasik?

I am 56 years old now, my eyes were @ 20/20 2 years ago & it seems like over one week period. they got to a point where I could no longer read a... READ MORE

LASIK for 57 year old person?

Dear Sir/ Madam, 15 Years ago, my father had an accident and Some Battery Acid went into his eyes, though he can see everything properly, but his... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Lasik?

I've been nearsighted for 50+ years, currently 60. I have been told over the years I'm a good candidate for lasik but hate eye drops and have problems... READ MORE

I had initial Lasik surgery 4 months ago. Any suggestions?

Since the procedure my vision was blurred at dusk and in low light environments. After regular consultations with my surgeon he recommended a further... READ MORE

Can lasik surgery be repeated?

I had very successful lasik surgery done at age 43. My eyesight has now at age 60 become poor again. Can the surgery be repeated? READ MORE

Clear 20/20 distance vision the day after surgery, now close vision perfect - distance blurry?

I had bladeless Lasik two days ago, I am 55. On my follow up visit the day after surgery my vision was 20/20 both eyes. My distance vision was crystal... READ MORE

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