10 Years Post-op + LASIK

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Blurry Left Eye 10 Years After Lasik?

I had laser eye surgery in 2003 and in the past couple of years my left eye has started to get blurry. Now it seems almost as bad as before the... READ MORE

Lasik and Mountain Climbing, Are there Any Risks with the Altitude?

I had Lasik over 12 years ago and am now planning on climbing Mt Elbrus, would it still have a bearing on the altitude after having had the op so long... READ MORE

Is it better for someone to have PRK for a LASIK enhancement if they developed dry eyes from the original LASIK surgery?

I had LASIK monovision surgery in 2004 when I was 49 years old. I am now 60, and my dominant eye (right) no longer sees distance well, and my left eye... READ MORE

Why do I keep having eye hemorrhage in both eyes 10 years after Lasik surgery? What can I do about this?

Please help!! I have seen 2 opthamologists about my sub conjunctival bleed in both eyes which is occuring every other day now. My bleeding profile is... READ MORE

10 years after LASIK, developed light glare. What should I do?

Hi , I have lasik 10 years ago. Now I have experience light sensitive/ night glare in past 1 year , what should I do? READ MORE

Can I have a lasix enhancement or do I need to do PRK or maybe just contacts and glasses?

I got bladess lasix surgery 11 years with great results and no real issues. I've noticed a gradual regression in my right eye for a few months but... READ MORE

I have blurred vision in left eye after lasik operation of 10 years? Vision is right eye is perfect

I have blurred vision in left eye after lasik operation of 10 years. Earlier it was fine however from last 3 month vision is continuously reducing in... READ MORE

Is it safe for me to have LASIK 10 years after my first surgery?

I had a substantial astigmatism problem and had LASIK in 2003, and an enhancement in the left eye in 2004. My right eye has declined significantly... READ MORE

Day/night glare and double vision after LASIK

I have floaters and minor glare (day/night) immediately after Lasik in 2005 for both eye (10 years back).In year 2013, visit ophthalmologist for check... READ MORE

HRT effect on LASIK?

I had LASIK vision correction in 2003, and over the last couple of years since starting estrogen therapy developed new astigmatism . Do you know if... READ MORE

My vision is blurry since 2002. What should I do?

I have a lasik surgry in 2002 and Egypt it was OK the first and But not hundred percent After that my vision got blurry and fog my vision The left by... READ MORE

Can having pink mess up my lasik surgery (10 years after the surgery)?

I've had pink eye for nearly a week now that will not clear up. On drops now and its not improving. My vision has worsen since I've had it. Will... READ MORE

I have gotten Lasik over 10 years ago and two months ago I got ICL operation done. LASIK revision common?

Today, I got a checkup from my doctor and he said another Lasik might be necessary do better my eyesight. Is this common? if I get another Lasik on... READ MORE

Is it normal after 10 years for vision to get blurry? I had LASIK done in 2005.

I had Lasix surgery done in 2005. I was somewhat nearsighted before I had it done. After the surgery I had 20/20 vision. It was great! It's now 2017... READ MORE

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