Laser Treatment Videos

SculpSure: a Non-Invasive Procedure to Reduce Fat and Tighten Skin

Dr. Jason Emer demonstrates SculpSure with four applicators to specifically target problem areas of cellulite and fat. VIEW NOW

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Ways to Remove a Tattoo: See These High-Tech Options

Dr. Richard Rahdon explains the various high-tech options he provides patients interested in having their tattoos removed. See them for yourself. Includes before and after photos. VIEW NOW


Tattoo Removal Using PicoSure Laser

Dr. Rakesh Nanda demonstrates the PicoSure Laser tattoo removal system on a live patient. VIEW NOW

PicoSure Laser for Fine Lines and Wrinkles Around the Mouth

Dr. David Berman shares this demonstration of a simple PicoSure treatment on a patient who wishes to improve the appearance of her skin on her face, neck, and décolleté. This treatment greatly reduces wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth. VIEW NOW

Easy Laser Genesis Treatment for Healthy Skin

Dr. Kouros Azar demonstrates a treatment with Laser Genesis, a painless treatment which improves skin texture, builds collagen, reduces redness and acne scars as well and preventing acne outbreaks. For best results, 3-5 treatments are optimal. VIEW NOW

Pregnancy Stretch Marks Treated Using a Fraxel Laser

Dr. R. Brannon Claytor's staff share this video of a young woman who is 6 weeks post-pregnancy and being treated for stretch marks caused by childbirth. They demonstrate how a laser treatment can easily minimize and lighten the stretch marks. VIEW NOW

Low-Level Laser Therapy Candidates

Have you heard of low-level laser therapy? Dr. Parsa Mohebi explains this treatment option and how it enhances existing hair on patients. VIEW NOW

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Eyelid Surgery Recovery After 1 Week

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question regarding time constraints for recovery from eyelid surgery. He explains how using techniques like surgery under local anesthesia helps patients return to work in about one week. VIEW NOW

Facelift Natural Results Before and After

Dr. Barry Weintraub performed a facelift on a woman who did not want to appear too different. Here he compares her before and after results. VIEW NOW

Hand Rejuvenation Before and After Results

Dr. Svetlana Danovich shares these before and after results of a woman who underwent a hand rejuvenation treatment. VIEW NOW

Laser Treatment for Port Wine Stains on the Face

Many port wine stains are resistant to treatment with pulsed dye laser, but Dr. Mark Taylor explains how the Fotona SP Dynamis laser can overcome that by using short, high-energy pulses. VIEW NOW

Laser Tattoo Removal Demonstration

Dr. Jessica H. Kim shares a video of a patient undergoing a tattoo removal procedure with the Enlighten Laser by Cutera. VIEW NOW

Rhinophyma Laser Treatment Before and After Results

Dr. Mark Taylor discusses a laser treatment of Rhinophyma (bulbous nose) and shares before and after photos of various patients. VIEW NOW

Clearing Acne with the Clear + Brilliant Laser

Dr. Leif Rogers' nurse practitioner uses the Clear + Brilliant laser to clear acne from a young man's forehead and t-zone. The laser works by remodeling the skin and the oil glands, making the new skin appear much smoother and clearer. VIEW NOW

Skin Rejuvenation Using the SkinTyte Laser

Dr. Carmen Traywick's esthetician performs a skin rejuvenation procedure using the SkinTyte laser, which heats the skin to promote collagen production. The treatment is comfortable and usually requires follow-up treatments for optimal results. VIEW NOW